[Prelims Spotlight] Important Important Temples/Monasteries/Stupas/Caves

Prelims Spotlight is a part of “Nikaalo Prelims 2020” module. This open crash course for Prelims 2020 has a private telegram group where PDFs and DDS (Daily Doubt Sessions) are being held. Please click here to register.

Important Temples/Monasteries/Stupa/Caves

10 April 2020

1. Important Temples/Monasteries/Stupa/Caves- Click2view

2. Important Historical Sculptures- Click2view

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prashant tyagi
prashant tyagi
2 years ago

The temples part and the sculpture part, both have the same link.

Subiman Chowdhury
Subiman Chowdhury
2 years ago
Reply to  prashant tyagi

Yes , both are same