[Prelims Spotlight] INLCU L51, USHUS-II submarine sonar

As a part of revision for Prelims 2018, Here’s a Factoid to brush up your concepts

Name : INLCU L51

Defence Forces : Navy

Module Type : Warships

Brief Intro : 1.INLCU L51 was commissioned into the Indian Navy. LCU 51 IS First of the Eight ships of the LCU Mk IV Class. 2.It has been built by M/s Garden Reach Ship Builders & Engineers Ltd, Kolkata, it is the first of the eight ships of the LCU MK IV Class. Conceived and designed indigenously, the commissioning of the ship adds a feather to the glorious chapter in the nation’s ‘Make in India’ initiatives & indigenisation efforts in the field of warship design and construction. With a displacement of 900 tons the magnificent ship spans 62.8 m in length and 11 m in breadth.

Name : USHUS-II submarine sonar

Defence Forces : Navy

Module Type : Tech Misc.

Brief Intro : 1.Sonars are the eyes and ears of a submarine under water. DRDO has developed the State-of-the-Art submarine sonar suite, USHUS-II, a highly evolved compendium of multiple sensors. 2.The constituent sonars in the suite include passive sonar, active sonar, intercept sonar, obstacle avoidance sonar and underwater telephony.

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