[Prelims Spotlight] World sustainable Development summit, International Agrobiodiversity Congress

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Name : World sustainable Development summit

Brief Intro : WSDS has replaced TERI’s earlier called Delhi Sustainable Development Summit (DSDS). The first DSDS was organised in 2005. It underscored need for businesses and private sector to take lead in poverty reduction and to ensure rapid and sustained adoption of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It had brought together Nobel laureates, decision-makers political leaders from around the world to deliberate on issues related to sustainable development.

Objective : The aim of the summit is to provide various stakeholders a single platform in order to provide long-term solutions for the benefit of the global community.

Type : Summit/ Conference

Category : E&B

Year : 2017

Importance (wr. Prelims) : high

Key Terms/ Institutions spinoffs : The summit was organised by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) with the theme Beyond 2015: People, Planet and Progress.

Name : International Agrobiodiversity Congress

Brief Intro : 1.The first International Agrobiodiversity Congress (IAC) held in New Delhi has adopted New Delhi Declaration on Agrobiodiversity Management 2.In the declaration, 900 participants from 60 countries have urged researchers and policy-makers to strengthen and promote complementary conservation strategies to conserve and use agrobiodiversity.

Type : Declaration

Category : E&B

Year :  2016

Importance (wr. Prelims) : Medium

Place : New Delhi

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