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Hello students,

At Civilsdaily we always strive to find out the optimum for each candidate with respect to result and effort. In fact, our Samanvaya mentorship calls are themselves modeled as the most important session for any aspirant to begin with the UPSC journey at Civilsdaily.

Briefly put, Samanvaya calls are FREE 1 to 1 sessions between the mentor and aspirant where the aspirant tries to open up with respect to his or her unique challenges and the mentor comes out with unique solutions specific to the strengths and weaknesses of the aspirant concern. Infact, Samanvaya sessions are our first effort towards the optimum discovery for each and every aspirant.

Hence it is suggested to take benefit of the free Samanvaya calls and get counseled by a Civilsdaily’s mentor.

One more problem that is encountered by our aspirations is about the concept building in subjects like polity, economy, social science. I will tell you a story and leave it for your evaluation. And this story would be weaving around the relevant sections in the syllabus in a small, meaningful, and relatable format for you to better understand it. Let’s listen to the story.

Samanvaya for 1-1 UPSC IAS mentorship

Once filled we will call you within 24 hours.

Civilsdaily Samanvaya 1-On-1 Mentorship Form

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