Last 2 days to Join Prelims TS 2022: First test on 19th June | Enrollments open

Program starting from 19th June 2021

40 Tests (8 Basic, 8 Advanced, 10 Current Affairs, 10 Full Length, 4 CSAT)

Download PDF for better visibility – Prime Prelims TS 2022 Time Table

 It’s 2021-22 session and we are set to look at the brighter side of Covid mayhem. Apparently, it dented our confidence but not the will to stand tall. So much happened over the last couple of years and now things are set for a revival. Several exams were battered with UPSC Civil Services being no exception.

Despite the churnings happening around us, few fundamentals couldn’t be challenged at least about the UPSC exam. Much coveted UPSC civils service has always attracted the best talents from across India. Hence on the flip side heightening the competition. So, you really have to strive hard. As a result, a focussed and measured approach is always needed and that too throughout the year.

Those who have already faced the exam would know it themselves. The importance & contribution of the Mock Tests in finetuning the prep process cannot be overemphasized.

I wouldn’t mention anyone else but cite my own example.

During the first year of preparations, I used to struggle through Hindu and Express for current affairs. Investing around 4 hours a day fighting the menace of changing context all on my own. Then I realised the need for something which had the potential to give me clarity on the content and samples of what comes in the exam.

It then became evident that a reliable touch of direction and a source of instant help, whenever necessary is indispensable. That’s when I would know what are my weaknesses and how to correct them. Not only that but also how to mend my gaps in understanding.

These sessions have the power of healing touch and reassurance. That’s how I could divert all my energy with a needle tip precision and forsake all the non-core worries to my mentors/course designers.

Now fast forward to the present, to prove the point we have many testimonies and attestations. Not the least many top rankers in several pep talks have emphasised the importance of Mocks / Practice Test papers. And Civilsdaily IAS has always been at the centre stage.

Comparison Between With Mentorship, Without Mentorship and Other Program

Presenting you few highlights about our Prime Prelims Program 2022

1. Complete course revision with Test Paper-based time-plan

The complete course has 36 Test papers, to enhance the exam worthiness of an aspirant. Especially those who have their house (concepts) in order about the course/syllabus. The idea of solving test or mock papers is with the intent to find out the gaps in our preparation. Sometimes they are also helpful for the mains or subjective type questions.

2. A holistic mix of Static – cum- Dynamic Test series

Course completion is what we care to establish with each finishing module. And this incorporates the aspect of Current affairs and Associated statics as well. Hence an aspirant gets a holistic mix of Static cum Dynamic elements featured in this course.

3. Mentor & Discussion help for 1-1

This is an important element for aiding/expediting the process of course completion within a specified time limit. Mentorship with tests is going to help an aspirant keep a track of the syllabus, which was earlier either glossed over or paid little attention to. Mentors will be the person who would have the responsibility to ensure you end up with all the papers. Also, imparting valuable advice to stay sane and mindful.

Test Mentorship calls would be provided once you are up-to-date with all the allotted tests. Calls would be scheduled as per this plan:

  1. One call after the first two tests. Aimed at guiding the basics.
  2. One call after the successful completion of basic tests.
  3. One call after the successful completion of Advanced tests.
  4. One call before the start of FLTs.
  5. One call before the Prelims Exam.

4. All India Rankings

All India rankings are here to help you deal with the moments of truths vis-à-vis your preparation level. They give you the necessary nudge to focus back on evaluating the current state of preparation. Your mentor would have a lot more to focus on wrt the rankings you achieve.

5. Performance-based Aspirant Cohorts on Civilsdaily Habitat

At Civilsdaily, you would get a community always ready to deal with unexpected roadblocks. We aim to create a like-minded and similarly placed aspirant cohort. For a better discussion of tasks and problem-solving capabilities. So as a member of any Cohort, chat (responsibly) with other learners.

 If you have a question, chances are, you’re not alone. Reach out in the discussion forum to ask for help from other learners taking this program.

6. CivilsDaily Habitat Sessions – Ask Anything

Where your queries about courses/syllabus / basic doubts would be addressed to keep you always on the move.

Throughout this course, you will learn about the techniques of time management, the ability to find a static–dynamic convergence. Also, peace of mind about course completion under the guidance of a mentor. The mentor would also provide a lot of reading material from time to time. But sometimes, you may need to look things up on your own for extra learning. Things change fast in our dynamic socio-political setup, so it is critical to do your own research so you can stay up-to-date on what is new.

7. Tikdams for mastering the art of intelligent guesstimates

Tikdam technique is a very important skill which can boost your score by 30+ marks. It will prepare you and enhance your ability to perform under pressure (& lack of information). 

We not only impart but make you practice these skills in our Test Series. We will provide:

1) Static and Tikdam Lectures: Lectures on static subjects will *not* focus on explaining you the basics but instead focus on important details/trivia you skip to miss. From a prelims perspective, these details become very important. We are also releasing 30+ Hours of Advanced Video Lectures on Static subjects – Polity, History, Geography, Economy

2) Economic Survey and Budget lectures: The importance of Union budget and economic survey can’t be overstated, not only for UPSC prelims but also for Mains and Essay as well, it is a not to be missed section for preparation. Even for UPSC interview candidates, these lecture series are very important.

3) Static PDF Notes: Civilsdaily has been known for its high-quality content. In this Program, We will be providing Static notes of various Subjects like Economics, Arts and Culture, Environment, Geography, History etc.

Our Testimonials:

What is there on Habitat?

  • #DDS sessions – Dedicated sessions every day to resolve doubts in real-time. Never keep a doubt to yourself.
  • An ecosystem for co-learning and active learning.
  • A highly motivated community to bring flexibility and consistency to your preparation.
    Samachar Manthan Civilsdaily IAS Current Affairs UPSCHabitat – Desktop and Mobile view

Program inclusion:

  • 40 Tests
    • 8 Basic tests
    • 8 Advanced tests
    • 10 Current Affairs
    • 10 Full-Length Tests
    • 4 CSAT tests
  • Civilsdaily’s Monthly Magazine Combo
  • Individual Mentorship
  • Economic Survey & Budget Videos and Notes
  • Advanced Static + Tikdam Videos
  • Admission to the exclusive Civilsdaily Prelims club on Habitat.
  • Monthly Zoom call and Static PDF notes.

This is what our students have to say about our mock tests..

Feedback for 2021 Prelims Mocks

Civilsdaily’s Community: Testimonials

Two variants of Prelims Ts 2022:

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