(Get recorded session) How to score 290+ in PSIR optional for UPSC 2023-24? Strategy and Answer Writing approach by UPSC topper, Soham Mandhare, AIR 267

Soham sir, IRS will be taking up an important webinar for PSIR optional for UPSC 2023-24.

This is the right time for UPSC 2023-24 aspirants to focus on and start preparing for their optional if they haven’t started it yet.

PSIR is one of the most popular and high-scoring optionals that has produced many toppers in UPSC CSE. But what makes it a great optional, how to approach it in the most effective manner to cover max syllabus in the least amount of time, and at the same how to maximise score is kind of a secret that only toppers know.

CivilsDaily’s PSIR faculty Soham sir

Soham Mandhare sir will be taking up an important webinar-masterclass (FREE) to share strategy and roadmap to approach PSIR optional.

Time isn’t the main thing, it’s the only thing

This webinar-masterclass is for all the PSIR optionals as we will be discussing not only the strategy and approach but how to add value to already existing knowledge or content that you have.

UPSC PSIR Optional Masterclass: 26th October, (Wednesday) at 1:00 PM.

Key takeaways:

1. Analysing the trend of UPSC PSIR optional and devising an evolving adaptive strategy. Pros and Cons of PSIR as an optional and what makes it a great optional?

2. How to cover the syllabus? The syllabus, not the books, must be completed. Focussing on the essentials first.

3. How to cover PSIR optional syllabus in 3 months (till Feb 2023) along with test series? Tackling PSIR Paper 1 and Paper 2 – Separate approaches for both papers.

4. Strategy and approach for the next 3 months for PSIR optional

5. How PSIR optional is important for GS papers as well? The overlap with GS syllabus and how to cover it? Balancing PSIR optional and GS part of the UPSC syllabus

6. The skill of taking notes. What topics necessitate notes and which do not?

7. How to add value to your PSIR answers?

8. Mistakes one should avoid while preparing for PSIR optional.

What you’ll get as a part of the Special Preparatory Package?

As a part of this Masterclass by Soham sir you are entitled to these:

  1. FREE Mentorship session with Senior IAS Mentor on strategy and approach for UPSC 2023
  2. Samachar Manthan’s current week’s module and Mains Questions
  3. Prelims Weekly MCQ PDF
  4. Mains 250+ Value notes
  5. Current month’s Monthly Magazine

Register for the Masterclass, we’ll email you the above content on registration.

You will get a chance to discuss 1-1 with Soham sir in the Masterclass.

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