PSIR Optional UPSC 2023 Value Enhancement with Soham, IRS | Lectures, Tests, Notes, and 1-1 Mentorship | Starts on 3rd Nov

PSIR Optional upsc 2023

If there’s one-stop, single-source reading material for PSIR, it is CD’s PSIR Optional Program for UPSC 2023. It is a Value Enhancement Program

AIR 267, Soham (IRS) will be heading the PSIR program and he will be taking lectures and mentorship sessions. Soham has scored one of the highest marks in the Optional and has a great base in the PSIR subject.

A Brief Overview Of CD’s PSIR Program

  • It is a 60 days program 
  • Value addition lectures and notes by Soham Mandhare, AIR 267, UPSC 2021 IRS
  • Test series including 6 tests, Model answers 
  • Test discussion with Soham sir
  • 1-1 Post-test evaluation mentorship call by senior PSIR optional mentor

At the end of each session, you will get a LIVE Doubt-Clearing session with our faculty to get all your doubts cleared. We are working hard to make the program more featureful, highlight the best answers, and show the competency levels of students. So what are you waiting for? Enroll & get the feel of a real exam.

Since optional constitutes 500/2025 towards the merit list, it is important to outperform in it to get into the service of your choice.

It is a little more than 7 months to go for UPSC-CSE 2023. So, Guys, this is high time to make sure that the foundation for your ‘Optional’ Answer writing skills is strong. Our ‘Political Science & International Strategy’ (PSIR) Program is a handy opportunity to sharpen your Answer writing skills. 

We are launching an advanced 60 days PSIR Optional Program. Rest assured, we have got you covered with all the conceptual clarity on important topics. For maximum retention and greater recall value in the exam hall, CD’S Exam Prep program has curated an exclusive series to help you strengthen the basics for UPSC Optional answer writing. 

Also, you will get a lot of pointers to polish your written and interview skills for UPSC-CSE 2023, 24. 


Trends In PSIR Optional Paper

For concept/idea-based questions:

  • For concept/idea-based questions:
  • Who theorized it and what inspirations behind it if any
  • Core points explaining the idea, include a diagram/flowchart (rare, only if it helps)
  • Arguments for and against the idea, citing scholars
  • Relevance in present times / critical analysis

For current affairs-based questions:

  • A generic opening surrounding the event/news, a quote if I could remember one
  • Core points explaining the situation
  • Explain and against arguments, citing scholars
  • Critical analysis / pragmatic opinion or solution, citing scholars if needed


Value addition Lectures by AIR 267, Soham + Test series + Evaluation of Questions + Doubt Clearing Session + 1-to-1 mentorship + Notes

  • 60 days value addition program
  • Value addition lectures and notes by Soham sir (over Zoom/Google meet)
  • Mentorship-overall schedule preparation
  • 6 test detailed evaluations within 48 hours of submission and One-on-One (on-call) discussion for each test
  • Value addition material by Soham sir
  • Access to Community administered by Soham sir and PSIR faculty
  • Doubt sessions on-demand for conceptual clarity, interlinking aspects
  • Strategy mentorship session with Soham sir (weekly)
  • Focusing on answer writing analysis, model answers, and test discussion by Soham sir. Maintaining the flow of answers, use of keywords, use of scholars’ quotes, coverage of dimensions, etc

Course Fee: Rs 10,000 + GST = Rs. 11,800 Rs 8260 (Early bird offer)


Soham Mandhare Sir

Soham secured AIR 267 in UPSC 2021 exam. He scored more than 290 in his last two attempts in the PSIR optional.

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