Discuss the main features of the ‘Ryotwari Settlement’ in South India. Did it satisfy the aspirations of the peasantry? (150 W)

Mentor’s Comment:


This is a basic question and having a fair knowledge of NCERT will help in farming good answer. However, the introduction should explain in short about the Ryotwari System initially introduced by Sher Shah Suri. In the East India Company the same was introduced Thomas Munroe and Captain Reed.

Further, mention about the main features of Ryotwari Settlement. Like ownership rights were handed to peasants, direct collection of taxes by British Government, peasant was responsible for paying revenue etc.

Next, mention how Ryotwari System influenced Peasants. Security of tenure was there but was subject to very heavy duty, no motivation for cultivation, later gave birth to landlordism and tenancy, farmers were forced to grow cash crops instead of food crops, corrupt officials etc.

Next bring conclusion, one can mention about the system which existed prior to this system. Later with the implementation of Ryotwari system the land revenue divided village into landlords, tenants and labourers.