Highlight the importance of urbanization as a source of global development and social inclusion (200 W)

Mentor’s Comment:

Introduction should explain about the meaning of urbanization and how it occurs. It leads to global development due to creation of infrastructure and world class facilities. The modern concept of urbanization has included sustainable human development where quality of life or social well being is important and hence incorporating development with social inclusion.

Next, mention about the trends of urbanization. Mention about population living in urban areas which is increasing day by day.

Next, mention about urbanization and global development. With more than 80% of global GDP generated in cities, urbanization contributes to sustainable growth by increasing productivity, allowing innovation and new ideas to emerge. Elaborate this concept further. Also mention the abilities of cities to tackle with other risks like climate change, disaster risk reduction etc.

Next, bring focus on Urbanization and social inclusion. Education for all, employment generation, poverty alleviation, access to sanitation, clean water etc. mandates to social inclusion of a large number of population.

Conclude by giving importance to harnessing the potential of urban population with the creation of adequate policies.