In India, the aggregate ratio of goods transported by road as compared to rail is now at 70:30. Is it a good sign for the economy? If not, discuss what needs to be done and why. (150 W)

Mentor’s Comment:

Talk about transportation and its importance for Indian economy. India has huge road network in comparison to railway but road transportation cost more than rail transport. So in order to make more profit rail transport seems more important.

Next mention is it good sign for economy. Bring comparison with worldwide transportation which is more by rail, less expensive, security, environment friendly as most of the rail run on electricity, fuel saving etc.

Next, mention what India need to do. Shifting to rail, technological advancement, more effective tracking system, reduction in delays, on time delivery, less accident etc.

Bring example of some dedicated rail corridor by showing its success. Mention government’s agenda of having 50:50 ratio in road and rail transportation.

Bring conclusion.