Privacy allows people a space where they can refuse to conform. And it is in that space where liberty flourishes. Critically comment in the context of right to privacy debate? (200 W)

Mentor’s Comment:

Recently the historic judgement has been delivered by the 9 judge constitution bench of SC declaring Right to Privacy as a Fundamental Right under Article 21. This will have multiplier ramifications. Introduction should explain the same in general context by showing the types of Privacy we need.

Further, mention why Privacy in important. Mention logics like Privacy gives people a sanctuary where they can think, be, and live, in opposition to the dominant cultural, social, and political norms of the time. It is the space where liberty flourishes. Also mention international mandate of privacy and Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Next, mention why there is hue and cry to oppose the contours of Privacy. Privacy does not mean absolute freedom, there are some restrictions also. For example: SC’s verdict on Aadhaar Act. Right to terminate life under euthanasia as a choice under privacy can have negative fallout along with rise of suicides and abortion if recognized as arbitrary private decisions. Likewise the state’s action and processes when it comes to law and order and national security will come under strict scrutiny if privacy is made a FR.

Bring a balanced conclusion because many controversial points will be arising in main body. One can mention the recommendations of Justice BN Srikrishna Committee.