The researches in the field of medical science such as cloning and three-parent babies arise various ethical concerns? Should scientist be concerned with the ethical issues and social impact of their works? Should they accept responsibility for the human consequences of scientific research? (150 W)

Mentor’s Comment:

There has been much debate and discussions on the ethical issues which arises with the development of science. The ethical issue becomes grave when this includes human. Cloning is one of the same ethical concerns.

Discuss about the ethical/moral issues which arises with the human cloning. Like the way of life the person will live, genetic damage to the clone, health risks, very low success rate of cloning process will lead to large number of deaths, psychological harm etc.

Though discoveries and inventions are good, the science should also be made responsible for the long term consequences of their inventions. The new generations need to be careful while dealing with the new techniques understanding its positive and negative consequences. Conclude with such points.