Today, it feels that it is the Judiciary alone that is shouldering the responsibility of deepening democracy and protecting social freedoms. Comment. (15 Marks)

Mentor’s Comment:

The question deals with the separation of powers between three organs of government. However, the recent trend of frequent breakdown in legislature, it is believed that the judiciary has taken up the responsibility if legislature. The introduction should mention about this in general.

Further, talk about the increasing role of judiciary in recent times. The justice delivered by judiciary has increased peoples belief and changed perception. Bring examples to support your points.

Further, mention the reason behind such trends. Like, decreasing trust on legislature and executive, failing social justice goals by political bosses, decreasing level of debate, diminishing role of parliament etc.

Next, mention why this trend is wrong. Democratization is a coordinating effort and should involve all stakeholders, judiciary alone can not handle, pending huge number of cases, awaiting trials etc.

Next, mention the way forward. Revitalizing the legislative process of India, establishing more committees to smooth functioning of house, executive as well as parliamentarians should feel responsible etc.

Conclude keeping in mind the democratic features of India.


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