‘When you are in doubt whether an action is good or bad, abstain from it’. – (‘Zoroaster’). What does this mean to you in present context? (150 W/ 10 M)

Model Answer:

The actions of any individual when virtue ethics, legal ethics fail are guided by conscience. It is the conscience which guides one to decide between the two actions. But still sometimes, due to conflicts in the inner conscience a person is not able to decide which action is to be chosen. The best course is to abstain from both of the actions. It enables to minimize the wrong doings. Doubt comes only when we are unsure what to do.

In our day to day life also, we come across a variety of situations, where we are required to choose between a specific set of actions. There is a moral or ethical dilemma. So, during such situations also, the suggested course should be to abstain from both the good and bad. It will ensure wrong decisions are not taken. Though, during such situations, the inner conscience plays an important role for guiding in such situations.

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