You are in charge of women welfare in a government organization. There comes a case of molestation against a very senior officer by a woman employee in your office. In view of the fact that these days molestation charges are levied against many upright officers by the instigation of peers due to rivalry or by women workers who are not allowed undue advantages with regard to punctuality, promotion and annual performance evaluation, you as a woman welfare officer need to be extra cautious in judgment. As an upright woman government officer what are the moral and professional issues that you would like to enquire during the process of enquiry against the officer charged with the allegation of molestation. Give reasons. (250 words)

In cases when molestation charges are levied against the upright officers by the instigation of peers due to rivalry or by women workers who are not allowed undue advantages with regard to punctuality and promotion a woman welfare officer examining such cases needs to be extra cautious in judgement and such cases need to be analysed from ethical and moral angles together.

The woman officer while holding the position of welfare officer in a molestation case should desist from having a bias against the male officer because she is also a woman and she should also try to segregate the professional differences and frictions from moral and ethical issues. She should first analyse the past record of the senior officer with regard to his treatment of women. And also the past personal and professional record of the woman in question while enquiring the case. It is important to analyse and investigate the case without any bias that males are generally wrong in such cases. Hence, it is necessary to see the past record of both man and women before proceeding with the investigation.

It is necessary to analyse the role played by the peer rivalry and office politics. For such allegations which have repercussions for the personal and official reputation, hearing should be kept secret as long as enquiry is on. Ample opportunity should be given to both the parties to explain their points without any prejudice.
As such an issue might lead to loss of job and therefore any decision should be taken after due consideration of the gravity of the allegation. The final decision should be taken after thorough investigation.

It is important to make space for bonafide human misconceptions or confusions as any wrong judgement may lead to a wrong decision. Such cases need to be examined after thorough investigations and without any prejudice and bias.

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