Red-Zone, Orange-Zone & Green-Zone of UPSC Prelims Preparation: Where do you Stand Right Now?|| How to Prepare According to Your Prelims Mock Test Series Performance?|| Free Live Webinar by Civilsdaily Mentor & UPSC-CSE 2017 Topper Megha Gupta|| Limited Slots, Register Now

In UPSC prelims, it is not the number of questions that you attempt but the number of mistakes you make decides whether you will score above 120 plus or even qualify at all. 

Based on attempts in practice tests and number of mistakes in tests, you fall into these categories:

  1. Red Zone category: 25 mistakes and above
  2. Orange zone category: 15 to 25 mistakes
  3. Green zone category: Less than 15 mistakes.

What should you do if you fall under the Red and Orange Zone categories?

A. RED ZONE CATEGORY: You need to have clarity in topics and have enhanced understanding. Once you have revised the content multiple times through keywords and notes, you can increase the number of attempts. There is no space for elimination and guesswork.

B. ORANGE ZONE CATEGORY: This category aspirants need to bring mistakes below 15. Complete short keyword notes for all subjects by February 20th. Avoid guess work and learn and practice the question solving techniques such as FCE (Factual Conceptual and Elimination) approach.

Way Forward for All UPSC Prelims 2022 Aspirants for the next 4 Months

There are no mistakes such as silly mistakes because either you are not reading properly or don’t remember them. Also, it happens when you are under confident or overconfident. Only intelligent elimination should be opted and that also can work if you have clarity of topics and study a topic holistically. Revision should be holistic. If you have not done an in-depth study of Polity, History and Environment even once, then it is high time.

This Saturday, Civilsdaily Mentor and UPSC 2017 AIR 674 Topper Megha Gupta Ma’am will be highlighting the different kinds of preparation strategies for red-zone, green-zone and orange-zone aspirants. From her own failures and successes, Megha Ma’am will be sharing the foolproof and easy methods to revise and recollect important prelims static + current affairs topics for 2022.

Key takeaways of Megha Gupta Ma’am Free Live Webinar on Prelims Preparation

1. Make a plan for the day. Day-to-day time management.

2. Dealing with negative emotions such as despair and stress. How did Megha Gupta stay confident when she was feeling down?

3. Her sources for current events, particularly from a prelims perspective. How did she retain daily current affairs knowledge through mental maps?

4. Making the UPSC CSE Prelims preparation process easier. Did Megha Ma’am read new sources while revising?

5. How can aspirants make use of Civilsdaily’s Free Group Study initiative on the Telegram Channel ? Megha Gupta responds.

6. What practices did Megha completely avoid that were popular among other aspirants? When should you develop your strategy and when should you follow toppers to clear UPSC?

Webinar Details

Study hard, break your limits. Then, get used to it. That’s how you prepare for UPSC-CSE. We hope this webinar will help all 2022 aspirants implement the suggestions of Megha Gupta Ma’am.

Date: 29 January 2022 (Saturday)

Time: 7 P.M

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