Critical gaps you must overcome to crack a top-50 rank in UPSC 2024-25 | Webinar by Sajal sir

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What do we mean by ‘Critical Gap’ in UPSC Prep?

Did you know that even after meticulously covering the syllabus and acing test series, many students find themselves just a few marks away from UPSC success? Surprisingly, around 99% miss out on the final selection due to some elusive yet critical preparation gaps. Identifying and filling these gaps becomes crucial to secure your success.

As we enter the peak time for UPSC 2024-25 preparation, this session is the perfect platform for you, aspiring civil servants to gain valuable insights, guidance, and strategies for their journey ahead.

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Entry is FREE but seats are limited (only 100)

Who should attend this Workshop?

  • UPSC 2024 aspirants who will be starting from scratch
  • Aspirants who are not able to decipher the pattern and ‘new ways of UPSC’
  • UPSC aspirants aiming for 2023-24, who need a holistic view of their preparation.
  • Candidates looking for practical strategies rather than generic guidance.
  • Aspirants who seek to understand the value of strategic mentorship in UPSC success.
  • Those who aim to overcome specific challenges in their UPSC preparation.
  • UPSC 2024 aspirants who want effectiveness, efficiency, and consistency in their preparation

Entry is FREE but seats are limited (only 100)

Understanding A to Z, 26 Critical Gaps in UPSC prep, and how to overcome them for IAS in 2023-24.

What can you expect to learn in the session?

Sajal sir will identify all these gaps and tell us how to fill A to Z critical gaps in UPSC Prep

  • A-Awareness Gap
  • B-Behavioral gap
  • C- Confidence gap
  • D-Delivery Gap
  • E-Excessiveness/Exclusiveness Gap
  • F-Focus gap
  • G-Generic approach gap
  • H-Herd mentality gap
  • I-Introvert nature gap
  • J-Juggling multiple things
  • K-Knowledge gap
  • L- Learning Gap
  • M- Mentoring Gap
  • N- Narrative Gap
  • O-Objectivity gap
  • P-Practice gap
  • Q-Quantification gap
  • R-Revision gap
  • S-Smartwork gap
  • T-Testing gap
  • U- Understanding Gap
  • V-Vanity issue gap
  • W- Wrong attitude gap
  • X-X-Factor gap
  • Y-Yardstick approach gap
  • Z-Zealous approach gap

How to attend?

This session is FREE and Open to all, and will be held in Online mode.

Zoom Link will be emailed to you.

Entry is FREE but seats are limited (only 100)

CivilsDaily’s FREE Webinar package

Post-webinar we will share important PDFs, timetable framework, and notes.

  • UPSC 2022 Toppers’ Timetable
  • Atomic Notes for UPSC Current Affairs PDF
  • Prelims 2024 Toolkit
  • Mains 2023-2024 Toolkit
  • Samachar Manthan FREE Module

Other than this a strategy package will be emailed to you.

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Entry is FREE but seats are limited (only 100)

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