Get Sajal sir’s Mains essential PDF + Download UPSC Bootcamp assignment + Register FREE for Day 2 of Answer writing Session with toppers | AIR 267 and Zeeshan sir tomorrow

Day 1 of UPSC Bootcamp was a huge success. Are you ready for Day 2? (click here: Day 1 Assignment) || Register for CivilsDaily’s Mega Bootcamp Day 2 i.e. 19th June 2022. Mains Answer Writing, Ethics, Essay, and more. Details below.
1. Improved Answer Writing and Mains Answer's structure
2. Strategy on tackling Ethics case studies
3. Invaluable tips on Philosophical Essays
4. Inputs by Rankers on your answers
5. Access to exclusive Community on Telegram

Session Details:

DAY 1 – 18th June 2022 – OVER

Morning Session

  • Rohan Kadam(AIR 295) Starts at 12:00 pm
  • Anay Navandar(AIR 32) starts at 1:00 pm

The evening session Mukesh Kumar Gupta(AIR 499) starts at 7:00 pm

DAY 2 – 19th June 2022 – Morning Session with Soham Mandare(AIR 267) starts at 12:00 pm
DAY 2 – 19th June 2022 – Evening session with Zeeshan sir on How to tackle essay starts at 7 pm

DAY 2: 19th June 2022 (Register for FREE)

Meet AIR 267 Soham Mandare, He had a score of 799 in this year’s Mains. Learn his secrets behind the score!

Try your hand at solving GS 1, 2, 3, 4 questions and essay.

Learn How to tackle Philosophical Essay and master them.

DAY 1: Concluded – do the assignment

Meet AIR 295 Rohan Kadam and learn how he approaches, breaks down mains questions via live solving Mains 2021 questions.

Try your hand at solving GS 1, 2, 3, 4 questions.

Get Insight from Anay Navandar(AIR 32) of how he scored 127 in ethics and watch him solve case studies.

Learn how Mukesh AIR 499 made a jump of 60 marks in this GS marks.

Get 5 questions from our Last Full length Test series as homework – try solving them and discuss them on Day 2.

UPSC Bootcamp
Session 1: Developing Mains Answer's Structure like that of UPSC Toppers + Interaction with Topper
Session 2: Interactive Answer Writing session 
Session 3: Master strategy for Ethics Case studies with Sukanya Rana and UPSC topper
Session 4: Tackling Philosophical Essays for UPSC CSE

In this Bootcamp, we’ll be having total 4 sessions on

  1. From mediocre to UPSC worthy structure: Answer Writing with a clear mandate on improving the Structure of your answers. – Sukanya Rana and UPSC Rankers
  2. How to tackle Ethics case studies by solving handpicked case studies LIVE in the session. – Sukanya Rana and UPSC Rankers
  3. Selecting and writing Philosophical essays. – Zeeshan Hashmi
  4. LIVE writing and strategy by UPSC 2021 Rankers

Register for the Bootcamp and we will email you the link for the Telegram group and other Mains resources.

Topper’s sessions will discuss their strategies regarding mains answer writing and guide you through the art of structuring the answers.

Assignment: DAY 1

Do these and share in the Telegram group. We will be discussing them.
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💥Mentorship New Batch Launch