Samachar Manthan – Streamline your preparation for Prelims & Mains

The course is designed to help you develop a solid command on your newspaper reading skills and current affairs analyzing competency. Since it builds your core, it is important for both Prelims and Mains.

Samachar Manthan Program has been helping Freshers as well as Veterans in streamlining their preparation for Mains along with covering CA for Prelims.

Working Professionals have also found the program very helpful.


Samachar Manthan Current Affairs Module 2018-19 (December 2018 to May 2019)- Starts 2nd December

Join Samachar Manthan 2018-19 (December 2018 to May 2019) [without Answer Writing Module] here: Click2Join

Join Samachar Manthan 2018-19 (December 2018 to May 2019) [with Answer Writing Module] here: Click2Join

[Batch 2] Samachar Manthan Yearly 2018-19 (Full Year Coverage of Current Affairs)

Join Batch 2 of the SM Yearly program [with Answer Writing Module] here: Click2Join

If you wish to join the program without answer writing feature, you can do that here: Click2Join

Click here to check out all our programs and understand how we are making them better. 


By Root

Caretaker @civilsdaily

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