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IAS exam is designed in such a manner that it should take just one attempt to clear it. Any further attempt, if you’re taking, should only be to improve your rank.

IAS 2021 dates are out and with less than 9 months left for prelims. This is the time when you should come out with all guns blazing. 

We’d a discussion with 1700+ students who were not able to clear prelims even in their third attempt. Some were stuck on mains. Yes, you guessed it right, they’d no strategy.

But what’s an ideal strategy? One that is specifically designed for YOU. One that is based on your learning competencies, your situation in life, the time you have for preparation, your attitude, your aptitude, and a lot of other factors. It requires expertise to make and help you follow one.

Mind you, just making a workable strategy or covering the syllabus is not enough.

Broadly, five factors determine your success in cracking this prestigious IAS exam: Planning and strategizing– the first step; Learning – Knowledge and information; Analyzing – making linkages, connections, etc.; Executing and utilizing information; and Constant course correction – because mistakes are inevitable, need to rectify them asap.

You need to have these factors in your strategy. But how to do that?

Click to fill the form: Samanvaya for IAS 2021 (Talk to our senior mentors)

clear upsc ias in first attempt

Click to fill the form: Samanvaya for IAS 2021 (Talk to our senior mentors)

Failing to tackle any one of them, feeds into a vicious cycle. Without guidance or mentoring, understanding where the problem lies in and how to rectify it becomes problematic.

This is where our 3 tier mentoring comes in:

1. First step starts with this Samanvaya call: Once you fill in the form(click here), our senior mentors get on a 30-40 minute call with you to understand your prep level, working/ study constraints, current strategies, and create a step by step plan for next week, next month and so on.

2. You are given access to our invite-only chat platform, Habitat where you can ask your daily doubts, discuss your test-prep questions and have real-time, live sessions on news and op-eds, and find your optional groups.

Daily target monitoring.

3. The third and the most personalized tier is the 1 on 1 mentor allotment who stays with you through the course of your UPSC preparation – always-on chat and on scheduled calls to help you assess, evaluate, and chart the next milestone of your IAS 2021 journey.

Clear UPSC in first attempt

Let’s talk. Fill this Samanvaya form (click here)

(Civilsdaily’s senior mentor will call you within 24 hours.)

Who are you?

  1. Working Junta? If you are preparing for IAS 2021 and working simultaneously, we can help you strategize and decipher the IAS exam and design a timetable that fits right in your hectic schedule.
  2. First-time prep? If you are in the last year of college or thinking of dropping a year and preparing for IAS 2021 full time, we can help you pick the right books and craft a practical & personal strategy.

You just have to take 5 minutes out and fill this form: Samanvaya For IAS 2021

Once done, we will call you within 24 hours or so.

Here are some testimonials of our students about Samanvaya and our propriety chat interventions:

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Let us make an ideal strategy for you. Fill Samanvaya form to talk to our senior mentors.

Click to fill the form: Samanvaya for IAS 2021


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