How to write perfect answers in UPSC mains 2022-23? Masterclass by Sajal sir (GS toppers 2017) | Register for the recorded session (*VIDEO) and Get 20 best practices of answer writing pdf with examples for free

Attend this practical Masterclass to improve your Mains score by 100+ marks. Sajal Singh sir has mentored 200+ rankers in UPSC 2021.

Register and get FREE recorded tips by Sajal sir.

This Masterclass concluded for CivilsDaily’s UPSC Mains 2022 students only but Sajal sir felt other UPSC aspirants (2023-24) must also benefit from this.

The 1750 marks of the Mains exam will decide your IAS destiny. Though UPSC has given a very detailed and crisp syllabus, it can’t resist the urge of adding surprising elements in questions every year to keep candidates on their toes and to test their mettle.

In the Mains exam hall, it is all about execution. UPSC Toppers focus on certain fundamental principles and they follow them firmly and perfectly.

Sajal Singh

UPSC 2022 Mains are here. You must have covered everything by now, all notes revised or in the final lap, filling up the gaps and adding answer writing tricks/hacks, etc. Content or information-wise we are convinced that you are well equipped. However, in the exam hall, it is about the execution of whatever information you have read, gathered, scavenged, understood, and analyzed.

Sajal Singh sir with his student Mantri Mourya Bharadwaj, AIR 28, UPSC 2021
He himself was a UPSC Mains 2017 topper

Sajal sir conducted a Masterclass on Friday, particularly for Mains 2022 candidates. UPSC 2023-24 aspirants can also register for the recorded VIDEO now .

Aspirants can boost their Mains score by more than 100 marks. And that is enough to make the difference where a single mark can decide success and failure. This Masterclass was designed for CivilsDaily’s students only but Sajal sir felt other UPSC Mains 2022 candidates must benefit from this.

This is the right time to focus on the principles that Sajal sir discussed in the FREE MASTERCLASS.  (details below)

Acknowledging the need to ensure removing difficulties, the students face, we conducted an on-demand MASTERCLASS by Sajal Sir on How to boost your mains Score 2022, sticking to the basic sources, and practicing answer writing in expert-prescribed ways, even after many things are pending.

UPSC Score Booster Masterclass concluded on 8th September (Thursday), 7 PM

Main points were discussed:

1. Identifying and tackling directive words and tail words in the Mains Question. There are more than 30 directives and you must answer according to that only. We will discuss how to approach an answer wrt to these directives

2. When, where, and how to use diagrams, flowcharts, tables, etc?

It is a common notion that more diagrams = more marks, but this is not true. You must draw diagrams/flowcharts to address certain parts of the question only. 

3. Understanding the core and non-core parts of the questions. 

There is one part of the Mains question that is directly asked and is an obvious question. The non-core part at times might not be obvious but you must address that. 

4. How to use anecdotes, facts, data, examples, and case studies? – even using the most common ones in the most impactful manner, in such a manner that it fetches you more marks

5. How to answer a question with limited content or knowledge? Basically – Bouncer/googly questions. Keywords in questions: Sajal sir will thoroughly explain what each keyword means. Analyzing critically is different from explaining or elaborating. So, how to read the question carefully and then start answering?

6. How to complete the paper in 3hours? And what should be the correct sequence of answering sections in the Mains paper? 

This is very essential to maintain your speed as well as consistency in your thinking process. 

7. Making a trade-off between quality and quantity in your answers. You might now be able to recall every info for all the answers.

8. When to write answers in Paragraph form and when to write in heading, subheading, and points? What should be the ideal length of a sentence, paragraph, and number of points?

9. What should be your strategy for the last week before Mains 2022?

10. How to go about the Final Revision before Mains 2022? Focus on making more revisions: If you can’t remember any points, how to put things in your notes during the exam. What are the exact ways to revise at least 10 times before the exam? Things must be your tips.

Sajal sir will also be demystifying some myths like: filling all the pages

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