(Just Launched) Smash Ethics 2024 (Batch 1) with 1-to-1 Mentorship | Score 130+ in Ethics GS-4 | 8 Full Length Tests | Limited Seats

📢Smash Ethics 2024 (Batch 1) with 1-to-1 Mentorship for a score of 130+ in GS-4 in UPSC Mains | Limited Seats Only

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The Mains GS Paper 4, also known as Ethics, stands out as the most dynamic among all the papers. It defies a singular approach, requiring a nuanced understanding. Drawing from our extensive experience with over 2000 students, we can confidently state that ethics holds the power to reshape one’s UPSC examination journey. Achieving a strong score in the ethics paper becomes an indispensable prerequisite for securing a coveted position in the final selection and attaining one’s desired service.

It’s important to note that the ethics paper assesses “ethical competence” rather than mere knowledge of ethics. It’s worth remembering that General Studies Paper 4 presents a unique opportunity to score 130+ marks effortlessly. The key lies in mastering the static content, relating it to current affairs, and effectively conveying it in writing.

Therefore, excelling in the ethics paper necessitates proficiency in both the art of answer writing and a solid grasp of the static material.

What is Smash Ethics?

Civilsdaily’s Smash Ethics Program has emerged as a game-changer for UPSC 2022 toppers, including AIR-16, AIR-22, AIR-48, AIR-49, AIR-218, and AIR-273, among others. This innovative program has revolutionized the way aspirants approach the ethics paper, providing them with a comprehensive and strategic framework to excel in this crucial section. By integrating a diverse range of case studies, model answers, and real-time analysis of ethical dilemmas, the program equips candidates with a deep understanding of ethical concepts and their practical application.

Additionally, Civilsdaily’s 1-to-1 personalized mentorship and feedback system has played a pivotal role in honing the skills of these toppers, boosting their confidence, and ultimately helping them secure top ranks in the UPSC examination.

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AIR-16, Shishir Kumar Singh UPSC 2022

AIR-22, GVS Pavanadatta UPSC 2022

AIR-48 Aaditya Pandey UPSC 2022

AIR-49, Sanskriti Somani


Civilsdaily Hall of Fame 2022

👉 The Smash ethics program will focus on both the needs of answer writing and static coverage of the syllabus.

Being the composition paper, it offers maximum returns. With very little effort, one can score good marks. Thorough preparation of this paper also helps in adding the moral dimension to answers in GS Paper-1, 2, and 3 papers and also the essay paper. It also helps in coming across as a person who has the qualities desired of a civil servant in the personality test.

Enroll in Smash Ethics 2024 Batch 1

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The Hindu has acknowledged CD’s Mains answer writing & Mentorship programs.
  • Shift towards more conceptual questions than direct static questions
  • More current affairs focused
  • Complex case studies
  • Lengthier paper

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Enroll in Smash Ethics 2024 Batch 1

Smash Ethics Program Inclusion:

  • Comprehensive Video Lectures covering Paper 4
  • Full syllabus Notes.
  • 8 FLT tests
  • 1-1 Mentorship support after every test
  • Membership of Ethics group (exclusive) on Civilsdaily’s Telegram Group
  • Doubt resolution session on Habitat

Have any queries? Get our mentor’s call in 24 Hrs

Here’s what the program includes:

Video Lectures: 

Structured video lectures of Paper 4 for a concrete understanding of the syllabus. Our novel methodology accompanied by an in-depth explanation ensures comprehensive coverage of every topic in the syllabus. Added to this, we have made sure to add that extra element of fun. Here’s a snapshot of the lecture for you:

8 FLT Tests:

FLT tests will help to bring together the ideas and concepts to the art of answer writing. Practice full-length tests to evaluate your levels. With every test and discussion on strategies to follow, one can improve with every test. Questions framed are from the most important UPSC relevant themes and papers are based on the latest pattern of UPSC. Get model answers covering all the aspects of a question and providing enriching points to the student.

1-1 Mentorship support

A schedule is created where dedicated days are kept to discuss your doubts regarding each test and lecture. Weekly Zoom calls can help boost ideas and discussion on various techniques, also among peers so that one can get a lot of exposure to various answer writing techniques and points to write in the answer. Also, the best answer copy of the week can be taken for discussion so that you can get an idea of how to write better.

👉Acknowledging the need to ensure the fastest mentorship response, Senior IAS mentors like Partha Sir, and Swatantra Sir, will receive your call.

Civilsdaily’s Handholding

You’ll be given membership to an exclusive group on Civilsdaily’s Habitat. The group will be headed by Sukanya Ma’am herself. From doubt resolution and discussion will be done by Sukanya ma’am only. Here you can directly connect with ma’am. Habitat is where everything comes together learning, doubt clearing, mentor’s support, and a focused community. You’re going to learn and discuss it like never before.

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About the Mentor:

Sukanya Rana Ma’am:

Sukanya Ma’am has firsthand experience of 4 mains and 2 interviews with UPSC. She has also appeared in the State PCS interview. Before she worked as an officer in a public sector bank and now as a Mentor at Civilsdaily, she aims to guide future aspirants in finding success. Sukanya Ma’am has scored consistently 100+ marks in ethics and in 2019 her marks were 140 in GS 4. In 2020, under her mentorship, many smash mains students were able to secure 120+ marks.

👉 Acknowledging the need to ensure the fastest mentorship response, Senior IAS mentors like Partha Sir, and Swatantra Sir, will receive your call.

Student’s Gratitude Messages:



Rohan, Top Ranker UPSC-2021.
Soham Mandre AIR 267 UPSC 2021 Roll: 6629429
The Hindu has acknowledged CD’s Mains answer writing & Mentorship programs.

if you have any queries, register & you will receive our mentor’s call as soon as possible

Wish You All The Best..

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