Smash Ethics by Swatantra Sir, Value Addition lectures by AIR 48, IAS Aaditya sir Senior Faculty

Lectures start on 7th December. Register Here.

Hi Aspirants,

I’m Aaditya and I have scored 133 in GS IV Ethics, one of the highest. I had understood 1 thing – all other GS papers- GS1, GS2, GS3 require you to prepare 4-5 subjects that have infinite topics under them. And no matter how much you prepare, a lot of it will be outside your control. 

Ethics is 1 complete GS paper dedicated to 1 subject! 

This is a huge opportunity. It would be the greatest blunder if we didn’t make Ethics our number 1 strength. There’s no point in putting in half-baked efforts.

Ethics can be tricky, but UPSC doesn’t expect Ph.D. level knowledge.

Approach to Ethics can be very challenging. Consider Ethical terms like ethics, morals, values, principles, etc. We use them interchangeably at home in common parlance. At the same time, there is high-end research happening on them, every scholar has a different take, and different definitions. 

Instead, focus on technical, bureaucratic understanding with conceptual clarity and practical applicability. My course is designed to help you navigate this terrain efficiently.

We will cover everything essentialskip the unnecessary complexities, and foster the mastery of ethical language. Answer writing practice is key, and this course will kickstart that journey.

Join me on this journey, and together, let’s make Ethics our number one strength! Best of luck to all of you!


  1. 12 Theory + 2 Case Studies (+2 buffer lectures if the time limit is exceeded). Live Zoom sessions for 1.30-2hrs each. Ppt will be provided.
  2. My personal Handwritten notes. You can build on top of that.  
  3. Ethics 50 Terms + CA examples for quick reference. 
  4. DoP&T+UNDP: Competency Dictionary for Civil Services
  5. 2nd ARC: Ethics in Governance

For Smash Ethics

1:1 Mentorship under Swatantra Sir and CD Team 

Aspirants, without conceptual clarity, you are not even in the race. But without attempting tests and working on the feedback, you can never reach the level of Rankers. Dont be lost. Figure out your blind spots and let us help you fine-tune your preparation . 

The mentorship package includes 
1. 4 sectional tests to be provided along with the course 

2. 1 Full-Length Test at the end of the course.  

3. 3 Full-Length Tests after prelims. 

4. 1:1 post-test analysis calls so you can focus on what needs to be done. 

5. Enrichment sessions by Swatantra Sir and team on tests and best practices. 

*Separate telegram group for doubts and focused discussion on upcoming tests, pyq, etc.

For Smash Ethics + Mentorship

Course starts 7th December. For queries/course access please whatsapp +8103803695. Please be patient and give us time to respond.

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