(Just launched) Smash Prelims 2023 January Edition | Target 120+ in UPSC Prelims 2023 in next 160 days | 1st Test starting from 10th January

Just around 145 days are left for UPSC Prelims 2023 now.

There is no time to read everything, no time to make lengthy notes, and to speak of facts only 1% of the aspirants will be able to clear UPSC Prelims 2023.

But, starting today, you can guarantee a 120+ score in UPSC Prelims with Smash Prelims under Santosh sir’s guidance and mentorship. How? Continue reading.

Enrollments are open for Smash Prelims 2023 January Edition

Course completion (GS+Current Affairs) Lectures, Test Series, 1-to-1 Mentorship and PDF Notes

Read about 6 pillared approach by Santosh Gupta sir below

Table of Content:

  1. About Smash Prelims 2023- Jan batch
  2. Why Smash Prelims for UPSC Prelims 2023?
  3. Smash Prelims Test Timetable
  4. Smash Prelims Lecture Timetable
  5. Program details
  6. What do our students have to say?

Smash Prelims 2023

Smash Prelims January batch will be more than a crash course for UPSC Prelims 2023 that incorporates 6 pillared-approach by Santosh sir.

The focus of this program will be on:

  1. Syllabus completion – both GS and Current affairs for 2 yrs
    • Most important and probable topics will be covered in a timely manner leaving ample time for multiple revisions.
    • Special classes on topics including Polity, History, Economics, Geography, Sessions to cover Environment innovatively, Science & Technology and more. (check timetable for lectures here)
    • To be done through LIVE lectures, Notes will be shared.
    • Comprehensive and exhaustive notes covering everything that is important.
  2. Time management and result-oriented preparation
    • Strategy and plan- both micro and macro by Santosh sir. This will ensure syllabus completion and rigorous practice through the test series.
    • Santosh sir’s personal guidance through weekly Zoom sessions
    • 1-1 mentorship calls after every test.
  3. Evidence-based questions based on the UPSC’s current trends
    • To keep your preparation relevant to UPSC 2023 pattern
    • Bringing efficiency to your preparation. Leaving out what is not important.
  4. Constant and gradual improvement through
    • One-to-one mentorship sessions with a dedicated mentor
    • Weekly Zoom sessions with Santosh sir
    • Sessions with UPSC rankers
  5. Imparting skills to attempt and solve Prelims paper
    • Targeting an accuracy rate of 90% and attempting maximum questions.
    • Logical and intelligent question-solving techniques – Tikdams.
  6. Evolving your personal approach for attempting UPSC prelims paper
    • Accuracy vs a high number of attempts. Accuracy improvement sessions.
    • Attempting from question 1 or go section-wise.

What makes Smash Prelims the best program for UPSC Prelims 2023?

Mentorship by Santosh sir: Highly experienced and excellent record

Tavishi failed thrice in the Prelims before but after joining Santosh sir’s mentorship cleared Prelim 2022 on her 4th attempt.

Smash Prelims 2023: Program inclusion

  1. One-to-One mentorship for UPSC Prelims 2023 by Santosh sir and the mentor team.
  2. Evidence-based and UPSC level test series: 60 Tests
    • 44 tests (14 basics + 8 Advanced + 10 FLT + 6 CSAT + 6 CA ) for back to back intensive revision
    • 16 Tests for Practice
    • Mandatory mentorship and doubt resolution call after every test
  3. Smash Value LIVE lectures: Most important and probable GS and Current Affairs topics for Prelims 2023. Lectures will be recorded and PDF notes will be shared
  4. Weekly LIVE Zoom sessions with Santosh Sir for strategy, doubt clearance, and QnA
  5. Skills to attempt and solve UPSC MCQs
    • LIVE MCQs solving (1000 questions) session
    • Intelligent Elimination techniques for a sure score of 120+ marks
  6. 1.5 yrs worth of complete current affairs topics (LIVE) covered by the core CD faculty in featured classes with a LIVE discussion + PDF notes
  7. CA magazine + budget and economic survey will be provided for free

Smash Prelims 2023 Lecture Timetable

Smash Prelims 2023 Test Timetable

Other Details:

Test start date: 10th Jan 2023

Lecture start date: 15th December 2022

Course fee: Rs 25,000 Rs. 20,000 + GST

You are 8 times more likely to clear Prelims 2023 with Santosh sir’s mentorship under the Smash Prelims program

What CivilsDaily’s Smash Prelims students have to say?

Santosh sir’s guidance, a crucial part of the first prelims success for Rahul

A miracle for Debarpita, Smash Prelims 2022 student

Schedule a free mentorship call for prelims 2023 | click and fill up the form

Other messages showering gratitude for Santosh sir and Smash Prelims team

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