Cross the UPSC Prelims 2023 hurdle with Smash Prelims 2023

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About 6 pillared approach

Pillar-1: 44 Prelims test

Prelims Tests: 44 (14 Basic + 8 Advanced + 6 CA tests + 10 Full tests + 6 CSAT tests)

Pillar-2: Special Value Additions Notes and Classes by Santosh Gupta

50 Special classes on topics including Polity, History, Economics, Geography, Sessions to cover Environment innovatively, Science & Technology and more.

Pillar-3: Mentorship calls

One-to-one mentorship by core faculty and toppers

  • One to one Mentor calls after tests
  • Habitat/WhatsApp support from mentors
  • Frequent sessions with toppers for support and guidance.

Pillar-4: Weekly zoom session by Santosh Gupta 

Doubt clearance and continuous improvement

Pillar-5: Learn Question-solving 

  • Strategic Live 1000 Questions solving with Santosh Gupta sir for Prelims-2023
  • Learn Art of Question-solving: Using Logical approach + Elimination techniques
  • Live Question solving of Previous year’s questions

Pillar-6: Current Affairs

Specifically made Current affairs notes + Live classes by core faculty for the entire two years for prelims.

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