Sprint 365: Current Affairs program for UPSC IAS Prelims 2021 | Polity, Environment and Culture in 15 days

With little more than two months to go for UPSC IAS Prelims it is time for intensive revision. There are a lot of compilations available in the market but these are not enough.

Anjum sir has launched Sprint 365 to help you cover and revise current affairs for IAS prelims 2021 in the most efficient and effective manner.


What is Sprint 365?

In Sprint 365, Anjum sir will be helping you cover and revise past year’s current affairs for UPSC IAS prelims 2021. Through Habitat sessions and discussions a 360 degree view of a topic will be taken, how it could be asked and important aspects related to it will get covered.


  • Subjects to be covered: Polity, Culture and Environment
  • Duration: 15 days;
  • Start date: 20th April
  • Course fee: Rs 1500 + GST= Rs 1770

Program inclusion

  • Sprint 365 coverage of Polity, Culture and Environment
  • 15 days intensive revision on Habitat
  • Twice a day sessions with Anjum sir
  • MCQs and reference material as and when required
  • Mentorship by Anjum sir

How these sessions will be conducted?

This program will start from 21st April 2021. It is a 15 days program.

Sprint 365 sessions are going to take place on Habitat, a chat-based learning platform. On Habitat, you are going to discuss, learn and interact with Anjum sir through a mix of text and audio messages.

How to access the course?

Click on the link shared below. You will be directed to the Habitat’s course page. Click on Enroll. After enrollment, you will be redirected to the Sprint 365 Club.

Reach out to hello@habitat.club for any queries.

By Root

Caretaker @civilsdaily

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