Stashed: Memory techniques for UPSC IAS exam | 10 days workshop timetable shared| Starting soon, enroll now

Stashed workshops will start soon on Habitat. Poorti ma’am has explained the program in the following video. Please go through it.

A timetable and list of topics has been shared and is being updated as well.

What is Stashed?

Stashed is a unique program to help you learn memory techniques and their application for the UPSC IAS exam.

Retaining whatever you have studied and learned for a longer period of time in your memory and recalling it back effectively is crucial to your success in UPSC IAS exam. However, doing so is a challenge for many. Stashed program here will help you overcome this challenge.

It will be conducted as a 10 days workshop on Habitat where you will be learning, discussing with Poorti ma’am and peers, and practicing these techniques.

You’ll also be covering important yet hard to memorize and complex topics in this program through memory techniques.

Topics to be covered in Stashed program

Important but hard to memorize topics from these subjects will be covered in this program. A detailed list will be shared in the Habitat group. We are also going to cover topics shared by students in which they used to encounter difficulty while memorising. These are:

  • Constitutional amendments
  • Articles
  • Modern History – Leader and the movement/organization he/she was part of
  • National parks/wild life sanctuaries and corresponding species
  • Ruler – poets
  • Endangered species – IUCN
  • Charter acts and the related content
  • Maps
  • Governer generals and viceroys along with their contribution.
  • Historical background and making of constitution.

Other topics:

  • Conventions/Protocols/Declaration
  • Biosphere reserves- flora and fauna & surrounding areas
  • Constitution Parts- Articles
  • Panchayati Raj -impt articles
  • Constitutional bodies/Statutory bodies-their comparison in terms of members, tenure, age etc.
  • Socio Religious reforms movts
  • Indus VC – important sites & findings
  • Chronology- mediaeval and modern
  • Terminologies- ancient history, mediaeval
  • World countries – bordering countries, capital & impt. location
  • Mountains and Glaciers
  • Straits
  • Seas – border countries
  • Ocean currents
  • Minor plates
  • Tribes and region
  • Soils – nutrients,crops , colour etc
  • Five year plan – important provisions
  • Croping pattern- rabi, kharif etc
  • Committee & commission ( recent)
  • Indices- dimensions & indicators
  • Nobel Prize- why , to whom
  • UN – specialised agencies
  • Traditional theatres & forms

How to access the course?

Habitat club’s link will be emailed to you as soon as you enroll in the program. You can also access the link in the Curriculum section above.

All the discussions, video lectures, PDFs of notes, and worksheets will be shared in the Habitat club.

Program inclusion

  1. 10+ Memory techniques and their application for UPSC IAS exam
  2. Video lectures
  3. 10 days Habitat workshop
  4. Worksheet and notes (PDF)
  5. Membership to the exclusive Stashed club on Habitat
  6. Support and mentorship by Poorti ma’am


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