Get recorded video. Register | 3 things to ace UPSC CSE 2023-24: Consistency, Time Management, and strong fundamentals | FREE Masterclass by IPS Shubham | Tackling NCERTs and making a study plan| FREE Preparatory Package & a Detailed Blueprint for the next 8 months

Masterclass attendees will get a special FREE preparatory package for you. Details here.

Approx 1.5 million forms are filled out every year, half of which never even appear for prelims. Passing the exam is a long way off, many candidates lose self-confidence before even facing it in the exam hall. Almost 99% of the candidates are sent home (fail) after that, without crossing over to the second stage (mains).

This is to highlight not only the difficulty of the UPSC CSE (considered the toughest exam in the world) but also to ingrain certain habits in you that will make this UPSC journey successful for you.

Table of content:

  1. 5 pillars of UPSC Success
  2. Consistency
  3. Time Management
  4. Building a strong foundation
  5. Details
  6. FREE Preparatory package

5 pillars of UPSC success

  • Staying consistent comes rain or shine
  • Managing time as if you are a clock
  • Building a strong foundation to overcome the fear of failure
  • Digesting NCERTs 
  • Making an impenetrable holistic study plan

Acknowledging the harsh requirements, IPS Shubham will discuss all these 1-1 with you.

IPS, Shubham Nagargoje, also a Super Mentor at CivilsDaily will be taking up a FREE masterclass to help you stay consistent and manage time on one hand, and to help you build a foundation for UPSC CSE prep on the other.

The next 8 months are not only crucial for your preparation but also to fill loopholes, recognize the cause of failures, manage your comfort zone, etc. Everything that you do must be under a plan, a strategy. Strategies are nothing but the pillars of success.

IPS Shubham, Super Mentor @ CivilsDaily

UPSC Masterclass Details: 29th September, (Thursday) at 7:30 PM.

Key Takeaways of Masterclass with IPS Shubham, Super Mentor @ Civilsdaily.

How to stay consistent in UPSC preparation?

  1. Staying consistent for self-study.
  2. How to restart after a break (days, weeks, months)?
  3. How to use breaks in your preparation? The ideal number of breaks.
  4. Common distractions and how to avoid them?
  5. What are the practical methods to maintain regularity in studies? Tips to sustain the fire and passion for studies.

Managing time

  1. Balancing time UPSC preparation with other exam preparation
  2. Balancing UPSC preparation with Job, Family, or College
  3. Integrated preparation for Mains and Prelims. Not ignoring a topic or subject till or after prelims.
  4. Making time table, setting targets, and following them diligently.

Building a strong foundation

  1. Covering and focussing on Essential NCERTs and standard books.
  2. How to cover current affairs for Prelims and Mains?
  3. Making notes
  4. The untold secret of ‘how & from where UPSC asks direct questions from NCERTs.
  5. How to build command over NCERTs is going to be another crucial point of this awesome session.

What you’ll get as a part of the Special Preparatory Package?

As a part of this Masterclass by Shubham sir you are entitled to these:

  1. FREE Mentorship session with Senior IAS Mentor on strategy and approach for UPSC 2023
  2. Samachar Manthan’s current week’s module and Mains Questions
  3. Prelims Weekly MCQ PDF
  4. Mains 250+ Value notes
  5. Current month’s Monthly Magazine

Register for the Masterclass, we’ll email you the above content on registration.

Shubham sir is a Super Mentor as a part of three layered Super Mentorship Program

You will get a chance to discuss 1-1 with Shubham sir in the Masterclass.

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