Straight from the heart: A Doctor turned IAS Aspirant

I’m an mbbs graduate from Medical College, Kolkata (2008-13 batch) and was quite ‘happy’ with my life. Earning quite good, OK with the professional satisfaction. But you know, that’s not all for life, and for me, it never was. Being ‘happy’ and being ‘fulfilled’ is quite a different thing. As I have been in politics in my college days (and still in it) I know something is not right for my country, something is very much not right with my people. And everything starts from a ‘policy making’; a decision which is being taken in an ac room is changing the life of millions in terms of good or bad. I’m very much aware that the prescription I’m writing for someone has little to do with the ‘health’ of him/her. Or in a broad sense, to the health of India, it’s IMR, MMR or other parameters. So I was restless with my life, my choices and very much concerned if I can reach somewhere from where I can make some change, make my actions really counted, my life ‘fulfilled’. During my college days, I thought for IAS a couple of times but couldn’t find a single platform/ mentor/ resource from where I can start my journey, so dropped it. And now when I made my mind to be a ‘rowdy’ last year I just had two and a half months left for prelim. On the 22nd of may, I had no idea what a repo rate is or what the hell is CoP 21 and I started my prep with a single sentence- ‘Let’s do it’. For the next one week, I cultivated every online platform, downloaded a handsome amount of GB pdfs/ ppts/ videos, bought most recommended books for each subject and started gulping those. And after a month or so, I found civilsdaily.

And it’s time to put a big smile and some red blushes in your face. You are just 1year old or so I guess, but you are street smart, intelligent and humble. I didn’t have much time for current affairs part, it wasn’t possible either. But you know, I have done quite good in this all-ca-prelim paper only because you were there. I also subscribed to your FLT series and got 250-300 rank on an average and was very much disappointed with myself (and also you) after every test. I was like, go to hell man, why should I know these current affairs? Ask some static na? And on the 7th August evening, I was thanking you because for those 3tests coupled with your titbits and tikdams, though couldn’t kiss it but I somehow managed to at least hug the paper.

And I’m not going to make it for mains this year, probably will fall 4-5 marks short than the cutoff. So I’m here again, let’s do it. And not opting for vision IAS or Sriram or IAS baba or Insights but YOU. I’ve seen your smartness as well as your maturity and decided if I have to choose a single platform, it’s YOU. And I don’t know if I’m right or not, most probably UPSC will continue this ca based prelim trend for coming years and with this, CIVILSDAILY is going to be a giant, an unparalleled master for upsc preparation in coming days. I don’t know if I’ll find what I’m looking for at the end of this road or even finish this marathon, but you’ll keep up your good work that’s I know for sure..

That’s it, I’ve poured my heart out. All the best to you and if you’ve really read this whole thing, just leave an ‘all the very best to you doc’ for me 🙂

PS- my english is not up to the mark (thanks to 34years of communist regime of West Bengal) but I hope I’ve made my point. 

This post was an email from a reader. Has been kept anonymous for his comfort but we hope this brings some peace to all of you who have had some bad days. If you wish to write to us about your good/ bad days – email us at hello[at]

By Root

Caretaker @civilsdaily

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