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UPSC Preparation doesn’t have to be a gamble. Prepare it with your full-time job.

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    Preparing with a full-time job was the best decision…and CivilsDaily made it easy for me.

    Mantri Mourya, AIR 28, UPSC 2021

    Responsibilities and financial independence must not stop you from following your passion and making your dream come true.

    Let our Super Mentors help you balance your responsibilities (job) and dream (UPSC preparation)

    Based on the time you have, the nature of your job, your learning style, previous UPSC experience, family, and other such parameters we will design your personalized strategy, one that is best for YOU.

    Three Layered Intensive Mentorship

    Layer 1: You will be assigned a dedicated in-house mentor who will keep track of our progress from the start till your final interview.

    Layer 2: CivilsDaily and the team will be constantly with you through various programs like Samachar Manthan, Prelims, Essay, etc.

    Layer 3: A UPSC IAS ranker (one who has cleared this exam) will be supervising your progress as your super mentor.

    You need 12-14 hrs to clear UPSC is a myth. It is all about consistency and discipline in your preparation.

    Your mentor is going to work not only on the content and information part, but also on imparting the UPSC skills necessary to ace this exam like: answer writing, not making, articulation of thought, processing information, and making it useful for UPSC prep, etc.

    Dilpreet Singh, IPS is also a Super Mentor at CivilsDaily and he got into IPS all the while he was working in a full time job.

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    Civilsdaily IAS Coaching Institute is one of the top UPSC coaching in India as it gives a well-planned route map to crack the Civil Service Exam.

    The Hindu has solemnly acknowledged Civilsdaily’s high-rated mentorship program

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    Did you Know?

    Almost 60% of our mentorship students are working aspirants.

    Over 200 Selections in UPSC CSE 2022 from Civilsdaily.


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