How to beat the unpredictability of UPSC with Current Affairs for UPSC CSE 2023-24 | (FREE)Masterclass by Dimple Chouhan, Senior IAS faculty | Recorded video, PDF & Personalized Guidance

The special session with Dimple Chouhan, CD’s Senior IAS faculty concluded. | Register and get VIDEO RECORDING + PERSONALIZED Current Affairs Strategy + MENTORSHIP CALL for UPSC 2023-24. 

This is for those who missed the fantastic session by  Dimple Chouhan How to beat the unpredictability of UPSC with Current Affairs for UPSC CSE 2023-24.

A fundamental problem with Current affairs is the deluge of reading material but lack of guidelines to effectively prepare current affairs for UPSC Civil Services Exam — with respect to Prelims, Mains, and Interview. Beginners, in their earlier attempts, are prone to collect Current Affairs material out of whim, in a delusional hope or fear of missing out. You name it and they have the notes either in yellow paged book or PDF.

“A wealth of information leads to a poverty of attention”

The harsh reality is they buy them out of excitement, keep them safely on their desk, and never reopen them again for lack of time. Such too much material becomes counter-productive. Sheer quantity dominates over quality.

CivilsDaily had planned a FREE Masterclass on Current Affairs to enable you to tackle the unpredictable nature of UPSC. This is a must for all the IAS 2023-24 aspirants.

About Dimple Chouhan

Dimple Chouhan is a senior IAS faculty at CivilsDaily. She has been mentoring UPSC aspirants for 4 years now and has mentored 150+ aspirants to Prelims success.

Dimple came LIVE on Wednesday, 3rd August 2022 at 7 pm for the FREE Masterclass on current affairs and tackling unpredictability in the UPSC CSE exam. This is a must for UPSC CSE 2023-24 aspirants.

What are you going to learn in the webinar?

1. Importance of Current Affairs – with respect to Prelims, Mains, Interview. 

2. Unpredictability of paper, especially Prelims. Changing trends, eg: Prelims 2022- many questions from IR

3. Issues in Current Affairs coverage- 

  • What to read?
  • What are the sources?
  • How much time should be devoted to Current Affairs?
  • Can newspaper be a substitute for monthly magazines
  • How to make notes
  • How to integrate CA into Mains answers
  • Daily, weekly coverage vs monthly coverage

4. Subjects, directly and indirectly, dependent on CA

5. Preparing for Current Affairs as a working professional by using the Civilsdaily app?

What The Hindu mentioned about Civilsdaily Mentorship

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Shweta Mishra
Shweta Mishra
9 days ago

Gd evening ma’am
Ma’am what about 2024-25 aspirants?