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  • – This is the official thread for Tamil Nadu’s Current Affairs
  • – The thread is moderated by the owner and his/ her peers from the same state. What to expect here?
  • – State Specific Schemes and Initiatives (helps in GS answers and essays)
  • – Culture related stuff in news (helps you learn the static history part when the festival is celebrated + some additional info)
  • – Unique practices (GI Tags news etc OR some innovative techniques)
  • – Governance initiatives (some case study/ news of in-service officers)
  • – Anything which escapes the national conscience in general due to bias media coverage

Why do we need separate threads for each state?

Introductory comment from thread mods

Lets Kick-off 🙂

Lets do this together…

Take these ‘Tidbits’ for ‘The New Beginning’ !!

Venkata hills on the North, Cape Comorin on South and the land between these two is TAMIL NADU

The Prehistoric Tamil Nadu:

In the 19th century, a section of the European and American scholars speculated the existence of a submerged continent called Lemuria, to explain geological and other similarities between Africa, India and Madagascar.

Before prehistoric period, the Indian Ocean on the south of Cape Comorin was a land mass called KUMARI KANDAM(Lemuria). The river Pahruli ran on this land mass which was eight to ten times bigger than South India. The commentator Adiyarkunallar mentions that the land extended from Pahruli river in the north to the Kumari river in the South.

Many researchers believe that the Kumari Kandam would have merged into the ocean, possibly by tsunami. The earliest explicit discussion of a katalkol (“seizure by ocean”, possibly tsunami) of Pandyan land is found in a commentary on Iraiyanar Akapporul. Multiple ancient and medieval Tamil and Sanskrit works contain legendary accounts of lands in South India being lost to the ocean.
To be continued….

Thamizhargale! Ondru Paduvom(Let’s unite)… Let’s participate… To be Proud ‘Indians’…

Start sharing about: Important State Affairs, Legislation amendments, Environment related news, Poverty, Malnutrition, Alcoholism, Social Issues, Education System, Interstate River Water Disputes, Fishermen Issues etc., Whatever massively helps us for the preparation…

Enthuse and participate !! 🙂


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