[Very Important] Target Prelims 2022|| Learn Over 10 different types of Question solving Techniques || Free Webinar by Mentors of 400 UPSC-CSE Toppers, Sajal Sir || Limited Slots

No more just the reading of your standard NCERTs is sufficient to clear prelims. Prelims is becoming more Dynamic Year by Year. From 5 lakh plus students making it to roughly 10,000 students for mains stage is not an easy task.


60 days is an apt time to not only prepare but clear prelims. Many veterans/topper who appear for prelims shift to PRELIMS MODE in the last 60 days.

This is because 60 days period comfortably allows to finish your one last static revisions of all subject, also cover current affairs revisions and write mocks. Few days less than 60, just adds on to add mental pressure, which can compromise your preparation.

Prelims is the most trickiest stage in UPSC Examination. Last 60 days is surely a DO OR DIE situation.


1. Know about essentials which should be part of your timetable in the next 60 days. How to make a perfect timetable in the last 60 days?

2. Every day counts and each subject counts! How much time should be devoted to each subject? Let the experts tell you!

3. 20, 30, 40 or 60 tests! How many tests are enough before prelims? Is there a magic number?

4. Not just do’s but one should be aware about the don’t as well. What mistakes one needs to avoid in last 60 days?

5. Revision is the most important part of UPSC preparation. Know about 5R Revision plan.

6. Time test Elimination techniques for prelims. How to use Tikdam/Logical reasoning to score extra 25 marks?

7. Confused between 2 options because they sound very similar. Know how to maximize efficiency while solving question?

8. Last few days is not about making long notes. Discuss the process of making micro notes in last 60 days.

Towards the end of the session, Sajal sir will hold a Q&A session for all aspirants to share their doubts and get answers from him.

Webinar Details

Prelims question papers have become more or less like a game of Sudoko. Except, in Sudoko you can solve the puzzle at your leisure and over here you are limited by 2 hours. We hope this webinar will help all 2022 aspirants implement the suggestions of Sajal sir

Date: 04 April 2022 (Monday)

Time: 7 P.M.

About Sajal Sir

He is the founder and Core Faculty at CD. Sajal Singh has the distinction be being 2017 topper of GS Mains. Over 400 students have emerged as toppers under Sajal Sirs mentorship in the last 7 years.

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