Target UPSC CSE 2023 – Why is it Better to Start Preparing 18 months before Prelims? || Free Q&A Webinar By Two-Time UPSC Interview Candidate & Civilsdaily Mentor Shubham Jatte|| How to divide 18 months into 5 phases and Revise atleast 5-6 Times before Exams?|| Free Open to All Webinar with Limited Slots|| Register Now

UPSC-CSE 2021 results have shaken the long held belief that the examination can only be cleared after multiple attempts. Most of the UPSC-CSE toppers like Satyam Gandhi (AIR 10), Ria Dabi (AIR 15), Yash Jaluka (AIR 4), Mamta Yadav (AIR 5) and Shashwat Tripurari (AIR 19) cleared the exam as fresh graduates in their very first attempt. How were they able to do it?

If you watch their strategy videos, you can find a common pattern — they started 12-24 months in advance before the exam.

Open to All Webinar by Civilsdaily Mentor Shubham Jatte

One of the benefits of starting your preparation early is the time you would get to revise and practice test series upon completing the syllabus. Also, you would get ample time to pay attention to every subject. There are totally 9 papers in UPSC-CSE Mains and 2 papers in Prelims exams. Not to forget, the daily current affairs. Many aspirants need time to figure out how they can prepare in an understandable manner. That’s why starting your preparation eight months before the exam is not advisable.

However, what’s the best way to prepare, if you aren’t a fan of making mistakes and figuring it out along the way? We understand how annoying it might be for you if you were to study in a certain way for months together and then realize that it doesn’t align with the UPSC-CSE way of doing things.

Do you know an ideal preparation would be divided into five phases and spread across 18 months? This means each phase will be about three to four months long.

This is what Civilsdaily mentor and 6 time Mains, 2 Time Interview candidate Shubham Jatte sir would be discussing in the upcoming webinar. Backed by years of experience and ongoing research & analysis of the civil services exam, Shubham sir has developed a refined strategy which will he will be sharing to all the newcomers.

This webinar is absolutely free for all to attend! All you have to do is confirm your attendance by filling the registration form below.

Key-Takeaways of the Free Q&A Webinar with Shubham Sir

1. The first phase – Studying the Core Subjects. How to read every topic in the syllabus from 2-3 sources in the first reading and prepare a 1-2 page notes? And in your second reading, stick to only one source while using your notes as reference.

2. The second phase – Studying Mains Specific Subjects & Optional. How to follow the ritual of reading, writing summaries and answering topic-wise previous year questions?

3. Discussing 2-3 Revision Strategies which you can follow. Why should you not go more than 20 days without revision?

4. Live demonstration of making the perfect notes. How to not copy line-by-line of everything you read & only note down the 5 dimensions of a topic?

5. Why is the third phase of preparation the shortest of all? What should you ideally do after completing the Prelims and Mains subjects?

6. About the fourth phase. How to improve your accuracy 3 months before the Prelims exams?

5. The last phase. What must be done 3 months before the Mains exams?

6. Including statistics and relevant data. What are the subject-wise important committee reports you should read?

7. Three readings per subject. How do you study during each revision phase?

Shubham Sir will also hold a Q&A Session where beginners and veterans can clarify their doubts.

Webinar Details

If you want to get the nuances of UPSC-CSE preparation right in the first go, then this free webinar is for you! Just fill the form and let us know the question you want to ask Shubham sir in the one hour long session on Sunday.

Date: 19 December 2021

Time: 3 PM

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