“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

You must have read this famous quote by Bruce Lee. There is a reason why Bruce lee became one of the most renowned martial arts fighter in the world. This quote by him emphasizes the importance of focused practice and a high level of proficiency. 

Just like Bruce Lee, Practice and Proficiency can be ingredients for your success story as well.

NO! WE ARE NOT ASKING YOU TO BECOME SOME WORLD CHAMPION, LET US LEAVE IT FOR ANOTHER DAY. But using the Bruce Lee mantra can help you with your UPSC CSE examination for sure.

Remember PRACTICE doesn’t mean repeating the same mistakes every time but it means ASSESSING your flaws and improving every time!

In our previous blogs, we have talked about Inconsistency and Incomplete syllabus attempts. In this blog, let us tackle the third major problem that students face – LACK OF ASSESSMENT.

Despite finishing the syllabus and revising basic books, many students score average in prelims and mains. So, WHAT IS MISSING HERE? If you are not assessing your performance on a regular basis and practicing in an aimless way then I am sorry to say YOUR CHANCES OF CLEARING THIS PAPER ARE LESS.

In our interaction with 8000+ students, Lack of assessment as an issue that manifests in many ways:

AIMLESS MOCKS: You have heard toppers say that practice as many mocks and write as many papers as possible. But APPLY LOGIC here if you are not analyzing your mistakes and attempting the tests in the same manner then you are just practicing the same mistakes over and over again. You need a mentor not only to push you to practice more but at the same time provide you with the right assessment after each test.

DISCIPLINE: Rome was not built in one day. Similarly, your assessment is not a one-time activity. Aspirants make the mistake of thinking that assessment is limited to getting feedback on your mains copy. Nope! not that simple. Your mentor has to work with you on a regular basis to analyze your performance. This will ensure that if you are getting unproductive, we can bring you back in the right direction as soon as possible.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Self-accountability is necessary for this examination. But if you are also accountable to a mentor then your efficiency levels can improve faster. Don’t believe us, try it yourself.

Already an aspirant is burdened with so much syllabus and mock tests, because of which assessment suffers. Give our Mentorship program a chance. Neutral assessment of your preparation in terms of finishing the syllabus, revision and test results can be a game-changer in your preparation.

Let our mentors focus on your assessment, you just focus on your studies. Fill the SAMANVAYA form given below and we will contact you.

Civilsdaily Samanvaya 1-On-1 Mentorship Form

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