Is Hinduism responsible for 75 years of successful democracy in India? Overlooked episode: 4

Hey aspirants,
Just have a look at this UPSC question:

The ancient civilization in the Indian subcontinent differed from those of Egypt, Mesopotamia and Greece in that its culture and traditions have been preserved without breakdown to the present day. Comment.

Questions like these can’t be solved from your regular books and Magazines, UPSC sometimes expects you to know things that are beyond your regular sources. Things which are talked about more amongst common masses.  

To help you overcome his gap in your preparation and cover all bases CivilsDaily is bringing the Overlooked series.

What is Overlooked?

The overlooked series is an initiative by Civilsdaily IAS, which aims to do a discussion on themes and topics relevant for everyone but super relevant for UPSC Aspirants, which are not available in routine sources of Preparation.

In this series, Officers, Academicians, and other relevant people will share their insights on the above-mentioned themes and topics.

Why the overlooked?

1)  To know the unheard stories of themes and topics which are not only relevant for the UPSC exam but for generally aware citizens as well.

2)  To make teaching and learning simplified, a light-hearted but productive discussion can do wonders for your UPSC preparation.

3)  To make your Study breaks productive.

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