To the Late Runners – Do Another Manjhi!


Hello Everyone,

There are two winter seasons in a UPSC candidate’s life. One caused by earth’s tilt and another caused by UPSC’s notification. The former lullabies you to sleep and the later jolts you out of the slumber.

Many of you might have started getting apprehensive about the level of preparation and the thought of skipping this attempt might have crossed several hundreds of minds already. Skip the attempt if you feel you shall have any different feeling in 2017. But depend on it, if you skip this attempt and feel that you shall be better prepared and confident next year then you must be living in some utopian world.

CSE is a cycle and this apprehension is a part of it. You cannot circumvent it. And you shall have to work with it and clear the exam.

Counting from tomorrow till 07.08.2016, you have 101 days with you. And for clearing prelims, it is more than enough. Yes, it is more than enough. But only if you use them judiciously. So, what can you do to make the best out of coming days? Here is the list:
1. Sit down, read the syllabus, pick the standard books prescribed and stick to them over the coming days.
2. Make a time table and work according to it.
3. Don’t read haphazardly and kangaroo-jump from one subject to another and from one topic to another. Finish what you have started before moving to the next.
4. While you study keep referring to the previous year questions to get an inkling about the areas that engender more questions.
5. When your mind is tired and the overbearing fear of failure clouds you, take a small break. Don’t force yourself into studying when you just cannot. Relaxing and rejuvenating is as important as studying itself.
6. Do not forget to read newspaper. Do not get into the fruitless debate whether you should read newspaper till June or July. You must read at least the headlines even on 07.08.2016.
7. Get in good discussions with friends and stay clear of the ones who come uninvited for “ek cup chai”. This “ek cup chai” sometimes takes hours.
8. Reading maps is a good way of killing boredom or so I feel.
9. Try the MCQs that are posted here or from any other source you refer to.

Remember you are vying for the Ambassador to which every Benz salutes. Thodi mushkil to hogi hi! Lastly, the only advice to the late runners is that, Do another Manjhi and Make the bridges where there exist none!


By Unbounded Wisdom

Everyone knows the destination. Only few follow the path that leads to it!


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