Top 3 Mistakes That Every UPSC Aspirant Should AVOID Now!

Any serious UPSC aspirant will tell you that this is one of the most difficult exams in the world. The syllabus is vast, the questions are unpredictable, and the pressure is difficult to bear. Studying for this exam can become overwhelming. And due to the extreme stress of succeeding in this exam, aspirants end up making mistakes that are easily avoidable. 

We know that it is only human to make mistakes but as a UPSC aspirant, can you really afford to?

We spoke to hundreds of candidates who have cracked this exam and are successful civil servants now, and they all revealed that the key to their success was avoiding these 3 extremely common mistakes:

  1. Trying To Study Everything – This is a mistake most aspirants make. They try to study everything possible and end up feeling overwhelmed, tired, and confused. Smart aspirants learn from experienced mentors and their peers about what to study and what to avoid. 

Remember: You do not need to study everything! 

  1. Studying Alone – When you study alone, you develop only one perspective on any topic. When you speak with your peers, discuss topics with other aspirants, and debate relevant topics, you develop a comprehensive understanding of the subject. This improves your retention abilities and your answers become rich with facts. 

Remember: Learn from your peers, it improves your command on the subject.

  1. Being Inconsistent – Most candidates study intensely for a month and then start slacking. They get tired, confused, overwhelmed, and even bored sometimes. And once they start slacking, it becomes very difficult to concentrate again. Successful candidates, however, become a part of groups or clubs that keeps them focused. They don’t study in isolation but join a group that supports them intellectually and motivates them. That’s how they succeed!

Remember: Become a part of a club that supports you, motivates you, and keeps you focused.

These 3 mistakes are easily avoidable and as a serious candidate, you should be focused on finding mentors who can guide you well, finding groups with other serious candidates, and joining clubs that will help you stay on track.

It’s easy to find all of these on Habitat, and once you find them, your preparation will transform overnight! We promise!

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