Toppers Testimonials | Anand Vardhan | AIR-7 CSE 2016


Rank in CSE-2016

Number of attempts (include present one)


Medium (English/Hindi)

Optional Subject

Political Science


Prelims Strategy:

  1. Understand the requirement of this exam.
  2. Those who get in first attempt basically get their sratergy right.
  3. Planning is very important. Plan how to study.
  4. Don’t leave anything. UPSC is very unpredictable.
  5. Different stratergy works for different people.

Preferred books:

Key lies in remembering. Everyone uses same books. NCERTs, Bipin Chandra etc. Revising is important. Those who don’t revise will forget. Don’t go for too many sources. Keep reading newspapers. Eventually you will understand what is important.

Views about importance of Test series:

They are very important, don’t take tests just for the sake of it. Try to analyse where you are going wrong. See the pattern. Learn from it.

What to focus on for Mains Prep?

• Once you are good with GS you have the knowledge. It’s about weaving all this knowledge.
• Flow is very important in writing. Coherence is very important.
• Plan what to write. Jot down in the rough sheet what points you will write and the order.
• You don’t need flowery language. Simplicity is beauty. Quotes are important.
• There is absolutely no advantage in taking a topic which nobody will take or disadvantage in taking a topic which a lot of people can chose.
• Take a topic you are comfortable in.
• Make it a habit.
• If you lose touch with it don’t panic. It’s fine. You can cope up.
• Make notes, handwritten or printed whatever suits you.

Tips for students:

If it’s not happening it’s your fault somewhere. Find it out and work on it. Work simple and don’t be lazy. Believe in yourself.

Don’t lose hopes. It’s based on hard work. Work hard and don’t feel depressed.

Points to be noted:

Make sure you revise and be quick with answers. There is no time to recall.


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