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Optional Subject

Mechanical engineer 


Prelims Strategy:

  • Try to know at least 3-4 important points on every topic – current or dynamic.
  • Watch Rajya Sabha TV debates. As it is a visual medium it helps remember better.
  • Don’t become an academician or do PhD on a topic.  

Preferred books:

The standard material.  

What to focus on for Mains Prep?

  • Answer writing is most important. Just reading books would not help. Start answer writing immediately.
  • Focus more answer writing, rather than reading/studying.
  • Ultimately, you have to go and write the exam.
  • What you finally write in the exam hall is important.   

Tips for students:

  • GS pattern has become very dynamic.
  • Topics related to contemporary issues are important.
  • Focus mainly on Currents Affairs for mains, especially for the dynamic part.
  • GS – 2 and GS – 3 is mainly dynamic.

Point to be noted: 

  • The Aim should be to complete a topic in minimum time with maximum output, so that one can solve most of the questions from the topic.
  • Get a general idea on most relevant topics.
  • Think in different dimensions while writing the answers.
  • ‘Keywords’ are important. Expand the keywords in exam.
  • Try to put maximum number of points in answers.
  • Always put a positive conclusion. Have an optimistic outlook and end the answers on a positive note.


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