Treat yourself at Baskin Robbins – Part 2

I want to share with you all another episode that happened two months back. I was worried feeling numb you know the problem was i knew what i had to do what i need to do  but i was not able to do anything. I was just blankly staring at walls.

So to all those Bhatakti aatma  aka wandering souls. I have something to say: stepping into this arena of upsc was your decision am i right?? ..And if you are not able to push yourself to do what it takes to get through this thing ..question yourself if you really wanted to this and if yes is your answer.

So its time to pamper yourself a little bit give some time to yourself. Remember those days when you really did not wish to go to school especially kinder garden time and how your parents used to pamper you appa knew what could infuse in me  the zeal that refreshment so he used to let me scribble in walls when i was fussy about going to school.. me and my crayons created wonder i was happy..and then appa used to ask me that do you want to school go now

..He made my mood all right all set so that i go to school without dragging…He knew school is necessary for me to learn a new alphabet  he also knew that i was least interested to go but he made arrangement in such a way that i was ready for school.

Key of this story was you need to pamper yourself if you are bored ..there are things which are necessary which you can not escape and you have to do it…in simple terms a kit kat break is all you need give time to things which will let your tensions you worries go away you will feel refresh

Then tell me if you can’t make yourself happy while reading things how would you be able to tackle other things is beyond books too remember my words 😉 this thing is just a phase which you need to live its not struggle its purely passion which you are pursuing..everyone should hold some onus to themselves

Like if you see my diary pages you would get an idea let the doodle do the  talking part..i am sending another page which i always refer and give an option to myself what to do before i say i don’t want to study. I know you all have your idea of happiness…do give it time and then see books. Do something that gives you butterfly jitters or something that make your brain cell works efficiently …


I don’t know what future holds for me but i am living each day whether it was first time knowing about buddha circuit or about law commission recommendation. I am always filled with ooooooo excitement talking to myself that is it so ? How come i was not aware of it ?. Bring that oomph in you boredom will will do wonder i am just poking you all by sharing my side of story.


PS: This can irk will give an impression that i am non serious candidate but its okay i don’t want to be called serious. Like i said i fell in love with its syllabus so i am into it its became passion like in IR we say natural allies  so it’s sort of like that for me and it works but i do take care of my little brain  aka self interest .

PPS: thanks a lot to people who loved my handwriting and my story Sending a snapshot of diary to CD was just a random thing that happened .

PPPS: All the best for prelims 🙂 Had more to say but it’s enough for now me too need to go back to books it was a break time thing and i felt so happy sharing it with you all

This post was an email from a reader. Has been kept anonymous for her comfort but we hope this brings some peace to all of you who have had some bad days. If you wish to write to us about your good/ bad days – email us at hello[at]

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