Unbreakable Mains 2023- The End Game | FREE for UPSC Mains 2023 Candidates

Every mark counts. These last 45 days mean you need to be very selective, very precise, and ensure you are positive and full of energy. You have to avoid content overload.

Led by mentors Sajal Sir, Sukanya Ma’am, and Swatantra Sir, the Unbreakable Mains will operate via a closed telegram group and ensure you are putting in consistent efforts.

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The Unbreakable Mains Advantage

  1. Score Improvement Guaranteed: Say goodbye to uncertainty! Our Enrichment Sessions are designed to boost your marks and ensure a remarkable improvement in your performance.

2. Exclusive Notes: Databanks – Agriculture, society data / keywords and technical terms / intro and conclusions / 100 Most Probable Topics – Exclusive content will be shared.

Ethics 5 terms with examples.

Structured Preparation, Stay consistent, Build Momentum.

Experience the thrill of consistent growth! Build the endurance to write for 3 hours, 9 times in just 5 days, fueling your momentum towards success.

Gain the edge over others with intensive Answer Writing sessions that sharpen your skills and help you craft compelling answers that impress the examiner.

Transform into a Top Performer: Be the ultimate mains answer writing machine! Our expert mentors will guide you to achieve your maximum potential and excel in the UPSC Mains.

Who should join this program?

Exclusive for UPSC 2023 Mains Aspirants

This opportunity is exclusively for UPSC Mains 2023 appearing candidates who are targetting a score of 430+ in Mains.

  • Aspirants seeking to identify and overcome critical gaps in their preparation.
  • Those lacking confidence in their answer writing skills or progress.
  • Aspirants in need of value enhancement and answer enrichment in a strategic manner.
  • Those looking to write answers with a dedicated and driven cohort of Mains 2023 candidates.

Enroll Here

How to enroll?

  • Click on the link above
  • Fill up the form, enter your UPSC Roll number
  • Upload your UPSC DAF I
  • Share a link to your latest UPSC Main mock answer copy on Google Drive

Unbreakable Mains Duration: 1st August to 15th September Program Fee: FREE
Mode: Online

How does it work?

  • Follow the Daily Loop Completion approach with our 45-day study plan. Civilsdaily’s Mains team has prepared a 45-day Mains 2023 study plan, that will be shared with you all.
  • Daily you will Study in a targetted manner, Write Answers, Submit Proof of target completion, and answers written.
  • Get your answers reviewed by Peers and Experts.
  • You will be attending weekly Mains 2023 Enrichment sessions by Sajal Singh sir and Sukanya Rana ma’am – The mentors of 250+ UPSC 2022 IAS Rankers.
  • You will have access to Notes, Mains frameworks, databanks, and other high-yield materials.
  • Get One-on-One Mentor calls for personalized guidance.

Program Inclusion:

  • Access to an exclusive Telegram group.
  • Notes, databanks, and other high-yield material.
  • Full-length tests.
  • Mains Answer Writing Toolkits.
  • Value Enrichment Sessions by Sajal sir, Sukanya Rana ma’am, and Swatantra sir.

With expert guidance, structured study plans, and collaborative support from a dedicated cohort of UPSC 2023 aspirants, this program promises to be your ultimate ally in easily conquering the mains.

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