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Day 1: Art and Culture

1. Though contemporary of Gandhara School of Art Mathura School of art developed on a different trajectory however it was no lesser then Gandhara school in aesthetic sense. Comment (10 marks 150 words)

3. Explain the significance of the Bhakti tradition of south India in Socio-Religious Context of the time. (10 marks 150 words)

2. The tradition of Painting as art of in India is as old as history. Depict how paintings are one of the most important sources of our knowledge of Early Indian History? (15 marks 250 words)

4. What are the important similarities and differences between the Hindustani and Carnatic styles of classical music? (10 marks 150 words)

5. What were the new elements introduced by the Muslim rulers in the development of Indian architecture elaborate with examples. (15 marks 250 words)

Day 2: Modern Indian History

Ques 1. “Swami Vivekananda.Might well be called the father of Indian nationalism”. Give a critical account of the Ramkrishna mission, with special reference to the to the role played by Swami Vivekananda. (10 Marks)

Ques 2. Both Mahatma Gandhi and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was interested in India’s economic development, but there were some basic differences in their approach to this problem. Point out clearly those basic differences. (10 marks)

Ques 3. Point out the significance of the Prajamandal movements in the Indian states also depict the role played by these movements in the integration of Indian states. (10 Marks)

Ques 4. Despite the fact that Muslims and Hindus fought together against the British in the revolt of 1857. A separatist movement started soon after resulting into the partition of India. In the light of this statement, review briefly the origin and development of separatist movement culminating into the partition of India in the year 1947. (15 Marks)

Que 5. The crisis of the colonial order during 1919 and 1939 was directly linked to the constitutional reforms. Disillusionment and the militant anti-colonial struggle elucidate. (15 marks)

Day 3: Post Independence and World History

Q 1. “The conduct of foreign affairs is an outcome of a two-way interaction between domestic compulsions and prevailing international climate.” In the light of the above statement comment on the evolution of India’s foreign policy since independence. (15 Marks)

Q 2. Many people think that a two-party system is required for successful democracy. Drawing from India’s experience of the last 30 years do you think India should move towards a two party democratic system? (10 Marks)

Q 3. What were the major differences in the approach towards development at the time of Independence? Has the debate been resolved? (10 Marks)

Q 4. What were the causes of the success of Bolshevik Revolution of 1917? Discuss its significance in the history of the world. (10 Marks)

Q 5. Vietnam War was a part of the larger cold war rivalry between capitalism on one side and communism on the other. Discuss. (15 Marks)

Day 4: Society

Q1. In the context of diversity of India, can it be said that the regions form cultural units rather than the States? Give reasons with examples for your viewpoint. (10 Marks)

Q2. ‘Despite implementation of various programmes for eradication of poverty by the Government in India, poverty is still existing.’ Explain by giving reasons (10 Marks)

Q3. ‘Globalisation has brought about a distinct class divide in India instead of ushering in a classless society’. Critically examine the argument (10 Marks)

Q4. ‘The conditions of the urban poor are more deplorable than that of their rural counterparts’ Give your views. (15 Marks)

Q.5 What is meant by ‘Empowerment of women’ in India? Examine whether rural women in India have been empowered by their participation in Panchayats? (15 Marks)

Day 5: World Physical and Indian Geography

Q1. Write a note on the prospects of wetlands in India. Discuss the causes of depletion of wetlands and explain their importance in maintaining the ecological balance. (15 marks)

Q2. Why is India undertaking expeditions to Antarctica? Describe the influence of Antarctica and Antarctic Ocean on the climate of India and on the nutrient and energy supply to the Indian Ocean. (10 Marks)

Q3. Point out distribution of the deserts around the world. Why major hot deserts in northern hemisphere are located between 20-30 Deg, North and on the western side of the continents. (10 Marks)

Q4. How do ocean currents and water masses differ in their impact on marine life and coastal environment? Give suitable example. (10 Marks)

Q5. Soil erosion is one of the most crucial problem in India and offers the most frightening prospect for the coming years, describe the various kinds of soil erosion and the steps which may be taken for the production of the land. (15 Marks)

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