How to Prepare for UPSC-CSE as a Working Professional, College Student or Homemaker?|| Free Live Webinar by Civilsdaily Mentor Ranadheer Ravula|| Unlock the Truths & Bust the Myths of UPSC-CSE 2023 Preparation||Limited Slots, Register Now

Before starting your UPSC preparation, you might have heard many things about it from your friends, relatives and even from the internet. But, have you ever thought your research on how to study for the world’s toughest exam could be steeped in myths?

There are many myths associated with UPSC preparation which beginners assume to be the truth and this ultimately, costs them an attempt. To avoid this, we suggest that you attend one of Civilsdaily’s weekly mentor-led free webinars that can help gain clarity while navigating the UPSC maze. Additionally, we also keep a Q&A session for everyone to clear their doubts. All you have to do is, fill in the form below and confirm your presence.

What are the Myths assumed to be Truths by Most UPSC Aspirants?

Aspirants think preparing for UPSC means reading everything under the sun, memorizing facts and having unlimited knowledge on undefined topics. However, the truth is far from true. UPSC, just like any other exam has a defined syllabus and questions would only be asked on those topics. Yes, the syllabus is vast compared to other exams but it certainly is well defined.

Yet another UPSC myth which needs to be busted is  — the more books you read, the more you can score. The formula of qualifying for this exam lies in reading, practicing and revising frequently. UPSC also doesn’t always check your factual knowledge. If you know about inflation properly, but don’t know how the recent policies by the government to reduce inflation then that is concerning.

Many aspirants think that one has to write long, lengthy and complicated answers in Mains to score better marks. However, by doing so they end up scoring lesser as this is not what the examiner is looking for. If you have a clear idea of the focus areas in Prelims, Mains & Interview, it will be easier for you to ace this exam.

Key-Takeaways of the Free Live Webinar by Ranadheer Sir

Our Civilsdaily mentor, Ranadheer Ravula will be taking the examples of his topper students and highlight how they had prepared for the exam keeping these things in mind –

1. How should the syllabus be approached to complete it within the time limit?

2. Is there a demarcation between Prelims and Mains studies? How to manage time between both?

3. How to determine the primary focus areas of the Prelims, Mains, and Personality tests?

4. How to apply bookish as well as classroom knowledge to the exam?’

5. How to diminish your fear of Mains Answer Writing?

6. Why should you not allow yourself to go more than 7 days without revising?

7. How should Current Affairs be efficiently used for both Prelims and Mains exams?

Webinar Details

Don’t miss the chance to get value addition inputs to score better in the examination! This webinar is absolutely free. All aspirants are welcome to attend.

Date – 21 January 2022 (Friday)

Time – 7:00 P.M.

Limited slots are available. Please register immediately.

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