UPSC 2023 is Not Far Away, it’s the Right Time Away for Beginners!|| Watch: Mentor of 400 UPSC Toppers Sajal Sir’s 1 Hour Session on How to Strategise Your Studies for 2023 Exam|| ALSO: Register Now to Get Prelims Tikdam Technique Handbook (By AIR 20 Vipin Garg) & UPSC Mentorship for Free

Did you know that the success rate for UPSC Exams is just 0.1%? Out of 10 lakh students who appear for the exam annually, only 700 make it to the final list. Hence, don’t make the mistake of delaying your UPSC 2023 preparation any further!

Write down the syllabus, open your books, stay updated to current affairs and create a timetable that can help you sail through Prelims & Mains! Sajal sir will lay out the whole process for you based on his experience of 6 UPSC interviews and successful mentorship of 400 UPSC Toppers!

Also, even after watching the entire video you are unsure of how to streamline your preparation, you can book your slot for Samanvaya free 1-on-1 mentorship program over here. Anyone who registers in 24 hours will get Free Tikdam (Art of Elimination Technique) Handbook from AIR 20, 2015 Topper Vipin Garg.

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💥Mentorship New Batch Launch