5 hr/day prep strategy for IAS 2024 aspirant with a serious time crunch | 1-1 LIVE Masterclass + QnA session by IRPS Prabhat sir | Get FREE Strategic package on registration

(Concluded Successfully) UPSC 2024: 5-hour prep strategy for College aspirants and working professionals | 1-1 LIVE Masterclass + Q&A session by IRPS Prabhat Sir.

🚨What you should expect in 1-1 LIVE with Prabhat Sir

Can college aspirants & working Professionals Clear UPSC with a serious time crunch?

This is the most familiar & much-debated question that candidates have. The answer is yes, and why not? If you simply sidestep irregular reading habits & comes under prominent mentos, you’re eligible to crack UPSC-CSE with a single-digit rank.

Our ‘Hall Of Fame working ProfessionalsVaibhav Rawat (AIR 25), Ravi Kumar (AIR 84), and College going student-Tina Dabi (AIR-1) and Kamya Mishra (AIR-172) have already busted the myth that only full-time aspirants can become an IAS.

Preparing with a full-time job was the best decision…and CivilsDaily made it easy for me.

Mantri Mourya, AIR 28, UPSC 2021

Cracking UPSC is an art of excellence & can be achieved even by improving by 1% Per day. All it wants are willpower, effort, and systematic practice. And you can bring this 1% improvement if you’re ready to dedicate only 5 hrs every day to your IAS dream. 

Prabhat sir’s step-by-step 5-hour learning strategy enables you to manage to work hard in your respective jobs and studies and taste success aftermath.

upsc 2024
IRPS, Prabhat Singh will be taking up a UPSC 2024 masterclass

UPSC 2024 Workshop on 17th April 2023, Monday

Strategies & Approaches, in This Free Live Workshop by Prabhat Sir!

  • How to manage time for UPSC Preparation if you’re a working Professional or a college student? How to utilize the time, left in your hand, in the best possible way?
  • UPSC preparation timetable and schedule with just 5 hrs of daily study time?
  • How to identify those people or things that deplete your energy and waste your time?
  • How to break down the syllabus into small chunks, and develop an effective & workable study strategy for UPSC preparation.
  • How to complete the syllabus, in a short time! 
  • How to prioritize conventional topics/subjects?
  • How to divide your time and keep a balance between Prelims and mains preparation?
  • Selective reading or studying: How to deal with the ocean of current affairs and a mountain of GS?
  • How to tackle Optional subject preparation, Making Notes, and improving answer writing habits in a short time
  • Many more untold tips and techniques that only a topper can elaborate

A lot more crucial points will be discussed to smoothen your IAS journey.

Details of UPSC Workshop Day-1: 2 Foolproof Frameworks for Mains answer writing by Sukanya Ma’am

CivilsDaily’s FREE Webinar package

Post-webinar we will share important PDFs, timetable framework, and notes.

Other than this a strategy package will be emailed to you.

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