[UPSC 2024 Results Out] Our UAP Mentorship Student Got AIR 2, Animesh Pradhan, First Attempt. Join UAP 2025.

Animesh Pradhan, Age 24, Attempt: 1st, UPSC-CSE AIR 2.
A graduate of NIT Rourkela, working as a full-time employee in Indian Oil Corp., he cleared UPSC CSE on his first attempt at the age of 24. He lost his father at an early age and was left with his Mother and elder sister. Unfortunately, his Mother passed away 40 days ago and couldn’t see her Son’s success and cherish it. His sister got married in January last year. He is a very committed, humble, and diligent student with high professional skills in managing work and studies.

AIR 2, Animesh Pradhan at Civilsdaily Delhi Centre Today

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With all the lows in life, he came with the hope that one day, his mother would see him becoming an IAS officer. Even though one wish in these two remained unachieved, wherever his mother is, her wishes will be with him, and if there is heaven at all, she might be celebrating this in that heaven.

AIR 2, Animesh Pradhan On Call With Civilsdaily Mentor Showing His Gratitude

We hope he achieves much more success and wish him enough grit to achieve whatever he wants in life. We expect him not to stop here and make this a mere small achievement in his list of aspirations.

Animesh Pradhan enrolled in UAP Mentorship, and we made sure that he got his name on the list.

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Why Civilsdaily Mentorship and Programs Are Unique?

Element No. 1: The System

The first element of the powerful mentorship program at CD is – The System.

The system is the method that is used during the program. One of the first surprising elements of a Civilsdaily program is that we do an early assessment of the current stage of aspirants. This is done in 10+ dimensions. Along with that, you get a lot of study material in advance. Unlike other courses that give you average content when the course begins, you get high-quality content for UPSC Prep well in advance. The reason for this is simple: The Mentor is not around to create “shock and awe”. Instead, the element that really helps learning is the “safe zone”. When aspirants get the material in advance, it gives them time to learn and absorb it. And then, when the initial assessments happen in the form of mock tests, the aspirant is able to apply the learning.

One big reason we fail to learn and progress in UPSC Prep is that we do not have time to practice and attempt mocks. 

No one is around to correct our mistakes. All we get is an endless stream of information, and mastery over exam is further away than ever. The notes themselves need design: lots of examples, relevance to PYQs, and easy-to-read language. The syllabus content needs to be broken up into consumable chunks. It’s design, design and more design. Check our atomic and flash notes, and you will understand what we mean. A well-constructed system is the first element of the program at CD but by no means the most important.

Trying to cope with breathless content all at once is extremely intimidating for the aspirants. When you’re in a Civilsdaily Mentorship program, you get the content well in advance. There’s no need to create “shock and awe” while mentoring. You learn better when you know and own the content, using the course to practice and get better at it instead.

Element No. 2: The Group

A journey of a thousand miles can be really intimidating without a group because UPSC -CSE requires MCQ and answer writing aptitude, which requires constant practice. When you work alone, it’s easy to give up or get distracted. A group is what gets you ahead. But how do you get a group that’s focused, smart, and helpful? Do such groups even exist?

There’s a saying in Africa: If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go with a group. And yet, not any group will do, will it? You’ve been in Telegram groups before, and the terms “kind, helpful and smart” don’t come to mind, do they?

The one thing that will amaze you at Civilsdaily is how much you come to rely on your group. At first, many aspirants assume that their progress is a lonely journey. They learn what’s required, do their mocks, and when the course is done, they get to the finish line.

And yet habit-creation reveals something entirely different.

Snagging a bad habit is relatively easy. The moment you have to build a “good habit,” it’s a lot harder to stay motivated—unless, of course, you have a group.

The aspirant groups at the Civilsdaily course are brilliant, focused and helpful.

It almost seems hard to find such an active, helpful bunch of people. And the reason why you’ll find this level of camaraderie here, is because of several reasons. But the biggest reason of all is because we’re selective.

We only let people in if they pass our filters.

We also will not have overloading of any kind. Our program accepts limited aspirants. You simply will not see the ocean full of aspirants you see on other courses. Finally, we break up the groups into even smaller groups of six or seven aspirants. We keep it small and focused. This gets you closer to the finish line. In short, you go far.

Element No. 3: Daily and Weekly Practice

Without practice, mastery of this exam is difficult. Without daily and weekly practice, you have a “decay problem.” Other courses will give you content and mocks once a month and won’t provide any kind of mentor feedback. This is a recipe for disaster. You won’t know if you are making any progress at all. 

That’s not how we run our programs.

When you’re a part of the Civilsdaily Mentorship program, whether you’re a beginner or veteran, you have a schedule that is unique to you and your requirements for the duration of the program. As you’d expect, all this is designed with “tiny increments” in mind, but it is the daily and weekly practice that keeps away the decay.

And everything is enriched with a 1:1 mentor call.

Your Mentor checks your preparation and works with you to ensure progress—there is no exception. This enables you to learn bit by bit instead of being dumped with endless content that you might never use in an exam. When you consider all three elements: the system, the group, and the daily and weekly practice, you are able to create a habit. This habit leads to success in exam.

Any new subject or mock can be a little unnerving when you don’t get regular practice. Our program is designed to help you learn layer by layer, and it involves small steps done daily. That way, if you press the “wrong button,” we can learn from the mistake, fix it, and move ahead at an even pace.

This attention to detail is what makes the Civilsdaily Mentorship Program among the best. But you’ll find that out for yourself.

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The heart of the Civilsdaily platform is the Foundation Program and Ultimate Assessment Program (UAP). For years, aspirants have enrolled here because they couldn’t find such depth and passion towards quality content and Mentorship anywhere. Their search inevitably ends at Civilsdaily. Enrollment in these programs and Mentorship also makes us accountable to aspirants for the value they get. 

In the past few years, we’ve worked quietly in the background with hundreds of aspirants; many now serve as IAS, IPS, IFS, and more. We are very proud of what we’ve achieved. Here are some of the recent rankers who show us gratitude.

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