99% of UPSC aspirants have a goal. Rankers have a system | Next 14-month strategy for a Top-50 rank in UPSC 2025 | AIR 48, IAS, Aaditya’s Masterclass

99% of UPSC aspirants have a goal. Rankers have a system | Next 14-month strategy for a Top-50 rank in UPSC 2025 | AIR 48, IAS, Aaditya’s Masterclass

IAS Topper’s 14-month study plan for UPSC 2025

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Why is it that some aspirants seem to be confident about their preparation and successful in their first attempt, while the vast majority struggle attempt after attempt? 

Three things stand out more than others: 

  1. Rankers have had a system in place since day zero. 
  2. Rankers developed a mindset, i.e., believing in the timetable and mock test accountability. 
  3. Rankers worked smart by taking weekly feedback from qualified mentors. 

If you want results, you must approach things like a ranker, not a regular ‘go with the flow’ aspirant. You must learn to control the direction of your preparation. It all comes down to your approach.

So, What’s the difference? Actually, there are many differences:

  • 99% of aspirants focus on completing the syllabus. Rankers focus on PYQ-based preparation. 
  • 99% of aspirants stop when they achieve a good mock score. Rankers sit with mentors to understand that the initial achievement is just a launchpad for the next step.
  • 99% of aspirants are reactive. Rankers are proactive.
  • 99% of aspirants want to win the mock tests. Rankers want to win in the exam, meaning they think long-term. 
  • 99% of aspirants wait for the exam result to tell their blindspots and issues; Rankers go to their mentors and take feedback. 
  • 99% of aspirants are kind of in. Rankers are all-in.
  • 99% of aspirants focus on the outcome. Rankers focus on the process.
  • 99% of aspirants think they are good at everything. Rankers understand their strength and weaknesses and use them to their advantage in exam. 
  • 99% of spirants see feedback as someone criticising who they are. Rankers know they have blind spots and seek out thoughtful criticism from mentors. 
  • 99% of aspirants value doing it once. Rankers value doing it consistently.
  • 99% of aspirants focus on being right. Rankers concentrate on getting the best outcome.
  • 99% of aspirants worry about what they see. Rankers worry about what they can’t see.
  • 99% of aspirants blame others. Rankers accept responsibility.
  • 99% of aspirants are intermittent. Rankers are consistent.
  • 99% of aspirants focus on speed. Rankers focus on velocity.

Register for AIR 48, Aaditya sir’s webinar on 14 month blueprint for UPSC 2025

Read what IAS, Aaditya Pandey, AIR 48 sir has to say about UPSC preparation and approach

“I’m Aaditya, got rank 48 in UPSC 2022. Guys, thinking and preparing for UPSC can feel exciting and a bit scary. I’ve been in your shoes, and now I want to help you through it.

Whether you are someone who can immerse themselves in preparation for 7-8 hours daily, or a UPSC warriors balancing work or college with 4-5 hours of study, remember, it’s about quality, not just quantity.

Join me on a Zoom session on 30th June 2024 at 7:00 pm. It’s for everyone – whether you’re new to UPSC or you’ve tried before but targeting a Top-50 rank in UPSC 2025.

In the session we will talk about how to start and strategize your prep for UPSC 2025. I will share precise step wise studyplan and apporach you should have for a top-50 rank. More than that I will also talk about the philosophy of UPSC prep, what UPSC expects, and how you should adapt towards meeting those expectations.

We will deal with all the aspects for a comprehensive UPSC preparation.

We’ll talk about how to start with the basics, NCERTs that aren’t just textbooks but your foundation stones. And how you will have to complement this with a disciplined approach to reading newspapers and covering CA. It’s not about skimming through; it’s about understanding the world around you, which is crucial for both Prelims and Mains.

Gradually how to progress to standard books, but do so with a strategy. You don’t just read; but analyze and understand. And here’s where the mindset plays a massive role. Transforming from an aspirant to a top ranker isn’t just about hard work; it’s about smart work, the right attitude, and persistence.

Focus on mastering answer writing should be from early on. Your notes should be concise, clear, and, most importantly, useful. You have to learn to weave current affairs with static portions seamlessly. This isn’t just preparation; it’s about building a habit, a discipline that will stand you in good stead not just for UPSC but for life.

I’ve talked to thousands of UPSC hopefuls on YouTube and through Civilsdaily. I know what you’re up against because I’ve been there. In this webinar, I’ll also share my notes with you.

See you in the webinar”

Register for AIR 48, Aaditya sir’s webinar on 14 month blueprint for UPSC 2025

In this masterclass, you will get:

  1. A 45-minute deep dive on how to plan your UPSC 2025 strategy from scratch: Level-0 to IAS in 1st attempt
  2. How do first attempt IAS Rankers plan their weeks, months, and year?
  3. Insider tips that only the top IAS and IPS rankers know and apply in every attempt

By the end, you’ll have razor-sharp clarity and a clear roadmap for approaching and qualifying your UPSC 2025 exam with confidence and near-perfect certainty. 

Aaditya Pandey sir, IAS, AIR 48

Join AIR 48, IAS Aaditya Pandey’s FREE Webinar on 30th June 2024, 7:00 pm

First 100 will get personalized study plan and mentorship session

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