UPSC Alert|| Last 10 days for Mains!! Use these 20 Best Answer Writing Practices to Boost your GS score by 20 marks|| By 2017 UPSC GS Topper Sajal Sir

Do you know that toppers use certain techniques of answer-writing to score higher marks? Are you aware of the PESTLE approach or the 7-5-3 technique of answer writing? If not, then this video by Sajal Sir will be helpful

Sajal sir in the past 7 years has mentored over 400 students who went onto become UPSC toppers. Apart from this, his course SMASH Mains 2020 had a turnover of 80% interview recommended candidates.

This is how the UPSC Toppers scored in test series before Sajal sir’s intervention —

Karishma-Nair(AIR-14)-Answers Before Feedback From CD

Pooja-Gupta(AIR-42)-Answers Before Feedback From CD

Pranav-Vijay-(AIR-65)- Answers Before Feedback From CD

Lakshay-Kumar-(AIR -132)-Answers Before Feedback From CD

Ponmani-Nehru(AIR-148)-Answers Before Feedback From CD

They had tried everything but were not able to score high in the exams. From their approach to answering to the body of answers, they faced problems. They faced problems with things like putting proper headings, how to frame dimensions, introductions, conclusions, etc. They never even got the right feedback which could have helped them!

And this is how they improved after learning the best answer writing practices from him 

Karishma-Nair(AIR-14)-Answers After Feedback From CD

Pooja-Gupta (AIR-42)-Answers After Feedback From CD

Pranav-Vijay (AIR -65) – Answers After Feedback From CD

Lakshay-Kumar-(AIR -132)-Answers After Feedback From CD

Ponmani-Nehru(AIR-148)-Answers After Feedback From CD

If you wish to learn and unlearn certain reading and writing habits at the last minute, then this video will be useful for you.

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