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Begin your UPSC Prep with Mains through Interlinking Notes-Making (using Syllabus, Sources & PYQs) + Answer Writing. Mains Prep Strategy for 2025 with Arvind Sir (Lead, Mains Program).

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100% UPSC aspirants know that Mains Prep is important.

Yet 99% will end up only preparing the exam from the Prelims Perspective.

The consequence?

You might as well clear Prelims by your hard work, but till the time you write your first Mains – you will not be ready enough.

This is because we often lack the strong foundational preparation with respect to Mains. Something as basic as Mains Notes, PYQs, and Current Affairs is often missed. Our notes end up being very Prelims-Centric.

But what separates a Ranker is a Mains-Centric approach from the very beginning.

Your Mains preparation could significantly enhance your Prelims performance as well.

This only comes with a forward-thinking mindset.

Animesh, (AIR 2, UAP student), exemplifies this forward-thinking approach. From the very beginning, he focused on building and refining his Mains notes, which not only helped him get an Interview-Proof Mains Marks, it also helped him clear Prelims with a margin.

Read what Animesh Pradhan has to say about his way of preparation:

“I didn’t just clear the exam, but scored 473 marks in my first attempt. It was only possible because I made really exhaustive notes in a manner which were more like UPSC Answers. Having this approach also helped me with Prelims, as I knew almost everything about every topic mentioned in the syllabus.

This was all while I was working full-time at IOCL. My father passed away when I started preparation, and it was my mother who was my support system till my Interview.

I know it can be stressful to manage studies, especially an integrated way to prepare. But here my mentor Ranadheer Sir was very helpful. He helped me with Notes Making, gave me feedback on my answers, & constantly removed my stress by working like a big brother..

With little time that I could gather, I gave my 100% with my notes-making and enrichment through Samachar Manthan, & this was my X-Factor which helped me both in Prelims & Mains.

I have shared my personal notes with the CD Team. I hope they are helpful.

Here’s what he did

Animesh joined the UAP in February 2022, & within a week of his Samachar Manthan prep, he was attempting answers through his Mains Notes.

Look at the following topic taken from his Notes:

He picked it up from Samachar Manthan:

What we can conclude with the above it

  • He has covered all dimensions that he could use in his answers.
  • In the beginning, he mentions a judgment by the Supreme Court related to the topic.
  • Next, he mentions issues with proper sub-headings.
  • In the later part, he includes Government Policies and Constitutional Safeguards provided to the Sex workers.

Now look at the answer that he wrote on a similar question asked in the Test Series:

Look at how he mentions the same judgment of the Supreme Court in the answer, mentions issues like what was written in his notes, and also includes Government Interventions from the notes.

He left no dimensions. Anyone can write some dimensions, but to be able to cover more is an altogether different ball game.

Let’s take a look at another example:

Look at the graph mentioned in the notes, showing the increase in the percentage of MPs with criminal charges.

He reproduces the same graph in his answers:

Animesh made his notes so comprehensive that he was able to reproduce the same dimensions, examples and case studies in his answers in the test paper.

Further, his notes were so to the point, that we was able to give his Prelims with confidence.

This is what you must intend to do.

The first step? We need to make impeccable notes. This is a strategy we need to know.

Next, we need to incorporate these notes into our answers effectively.

Both the above objectives are easier to think, but difficult to do. Hence, we have Arvind sir, who has done crafted a perfect strategy for you.

He is coming with a Webinar on 1st June, 7 PM helping with a Strategy to Clear UPSC Mains 2025 in First Attempt.

If you are a serious UPSC Aspirant who doesn’t want to miss out on proven strategies by Rankers, you must register and block your calendar!

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Bonus – Get all Mains Topic-Wise PYQs (GS 1-4) from 2013-2023 to start off with your UPSC Prep 2025.

Key outcomes of the Webinar

At the end of the Webinar, you’ll

  1. Have a Strategy to rely upon – to clear your UPSC Exam in the First Attempt.
  2. Know the method to make concise notes value-added with PYQs and Current Affairs.
  3. Know how to clear Prelims using Mains Prep.

Why Attend?

  1. Tailored for UPSC Prep Beginners: Our strategies are designed to help you with an effective headstart.
  2. Mentor Guidance: Get tips from experienced civil services mentors.
  3. Interactive Session: Ask questions and get real-time answers to your queries.

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